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05-21-2009, 08:58 PM
After much encouragement from my bud the one on here I am going to start posting my training records,

I am catching up on the last two days of workouts

Thursday May 20 was legs with THE ONE

Pre lifting did 30 min of cardio on treadmill doing intervals

2 warmup sets of seated hammi curls just to get blood moving.

Jumped right into sumo squats
I maxed 315 for two

Low box squat
I maxed 275 for 2

sled leg press
10 plates for ten

We did calves but not with the vigor we usually do them, the deads and squats really had us wipped

Today May 21, 2009

Back and Bis

HS isolateral row

3plates for 8 was a max
wide grip pulldowns I maxed 200 for 5 which is a pb for not being spotted
cable rows I am not sure but took it to failure

bi's unlike most guys I hate doing arms but they have to be done

HS bicep curls
did 4 sets of 12

alternating dumbell curls
ended with a drop set to failure...3 drops

ended with with concentration curls

Looking forward to shoulders tri's tomarrow weigh in is tomarrow will see if I need to titrate the diet more. carbs low for now

the one
05-22-2009, 08:38 AM
down 5lbs so congrats on that. be ready for a good one today. im already looking forward to next leg workout ha

05-22-2009, 05:02 PM
Down 5lb so the diet is kicking in

30 min hiit on the elyptical today burned 458 cals

Shoulders traps and calves

HS strength shoulder press
plate for 15
2 for 10
2 1/2 plates for 6 then again for 10

push press
bar only for 6 then 95 for 10

db shrugs
maxed at 105 for 10

bb shrugs
hit it 405 for 3 freaking amazing it was the chalk and THE ONE giving me the constant encouragement to hit it hard

day ended with donkey calf raises. We did them heavy as hell but I dont remember the details.

05-27-2009, 07:10 PM
Diet still is intact despite the holiday weekend and working a few long shifts , clothes fitt different but wont weigh in again until friday,

Legs with THE ONE

zercher squats on the box. 225x4 for my final working set
deadlift 225x6
vertical Leg press 5pps per side for 12

calves heavy

06-16-2009, 08:34 AM
The diet is still going strong. It hasn't been too easy to keep on track. But I have kept to the my promise to my training partner and going strong. The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy at work. We had a potluck and the only thing I could really eat was the green peppers and brocholi off the veggie tray. Brownies seem to be everywhere. But not for me to eat right now.

I have not weighed myself recently but I put on a pair of 36w cargo shorts and they were tight in the thigh but loose in the waist so I went with it.

Yesterday's training


Smith Machine Shoulder presses
After warmup I maxed 195 for 7 solid reps

Machine lateral raises
Maxed at 120lb for some good solid reps

Barbell Shrugs
maxed the day with 405 with some solid and a couple not so solid reps.

We tried doing some shrugs using the standing calf machine but neither one of us were feeling it

Hammer strength standing shrugs
4plts on each side til failure and called it a day.

I also switched out the tunes going to Kings of Leon after the new lady in my life got me turned on to it.

Later today the Big one and I are doing Legs so I am sure it will be something crazy especially since I don't have to work after.