View Full Version : My "Cutting" Diet...Interested in your thoughts

05-22-2009, 02:25 PM
Hey guys/gals, here is a spreadsheet that I put together with my current cutting diet. Check out the lean tab in the spreadsheet.

I started a gain (wish I would have tracked my cals better) in late January and went from about 185 to 200 (200 was my goal...hit that in April and maintained that steady 200 until May 1st). I am looking to cut back down to 180-185 (depending on how I look/bf%). My hope is that I would be more solid at that weight than I was in January.

Can you look over my diet and let me know suggestions. I estimated about 3500 cals to maintain my current weight (now 193) so I cut back about 1000. Since May 1st I've averaged about 2lbs a week of loss.

I've not had any cheat meals...should I allow myself one or two a week? or no