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Dirk Diggler
05-27-2009, 12:27 PM
187lbs (8% bf aprx..its been a couple months) - goal: 200lbs

trying to gain some weight, read the sticky grocery list and found lots of great things to buy there so i dont need foods, my only question is aproximately how much should i be taking daily of the following, or at least how much is acceptable in order to obtain what im looking for:

mesomorph = bodyweight x 15 which puts me at
daily cals: 2,805
daily fat:?
daily carbs:?
daily fiber:?
daily protein:?
daily cholesterol:?
daily sodium:?
daily sugars:?

any help would be appreciated

05-27-2009, 03:05 PM
Assuming your maintenance is 2800, you want to have a 200-300 calorie surplus per day if you're bulking (which you are). If you notice no change in weight then increase the surplus further until you start gaining weight at a rate that you're comfortable with.
Ideally you wanna get at least 1-1.5g of protein/lb of bodyweight, so about 1000 cals of protein a day; the other 2000 cals you can fill with carbs and fats, if you want to gain more muscle then fat then keep sat fat and trans fats low and make cleaner food choices. If you want an actual ratio, try 30/40/30 (protein/carbs/fats), should come out to about 1000/1200/800.