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The Professor
06-04-2009, 07:04 PM
Welcome Ladies and gentlemen to the 10th Annual WABDL Monster Energy Southeastern Record Breakers. This promises to be a banner year for the meet. This year due to the economy we have LOWERED the entry fees by $10.00 per divisions entered. Before the nay Sayers begin, in the previous 9 years the entry fee has remained the same. To make it even easier on families we are NOT charging an admission fee to come and watch the competition. Again, due the economy, we have using this as one big WABDL meet for the central southeast. We the chairmen of TN, GA and AL, have pooled our efforts together to put on this meet. The meet is going to be in Kennesaw, GA a northwest suburb of Atlanta, GA. We have a lot of great lifters who say they are coming. To start Bill Gillespie and Roger Ryan are going to bench again, Tony Caprari and Richard Hawthorne will be deadlifting. There is a group out of the Illinois area that is hoping to come down, Robert Vick and Tommy Harrison Jr. and their crew. We are trying to make this a very successful and large meet. We are going to have some great sponsors that are going to giving away items to the lifters and the audience. The sponsors giving things away right now are Monster Energy Drinks, Titan Support Systems and APT Wraps. As more info becomes available we will post it. You can get an entry form at the WABDL website. We hope to see you in Atlanta, GA this year.

1. Lower entry fee for all divisions.
2. Free admission to the meet.
3. Give a ways to the lifters and the crowd.

06-04-2009, 07:16 PM
I have done this meet a half dozen times or so, and it is the most ELECTRIC meet I have ever competed in, more than worlds! Getting to meet Bubba, Brant, Rick and the whole crew is more than worth the trip.

Semper Fi

The Professor
06-09-2009, 01:37 PM
Spoke with Ken Millrany this weekend. He has heard from Tom Eiseman and Eiseman is planning to come. That will be a great show watching him and Tony Caprari on the same platform again. We have also heard from Ken Anderson that Mr. Jeff Pesheck is giving serious consideration to coming and benching. We have heard from Critical Bench and they are sending some give aways. Hopefully we will have more to announce later.


06-10-2009, 10:08 PM
Brant holds a great meet. No one will regret lifting at or watching this meet. Brent is right about the electric atmosphere at it! I'm looking forward to seeing everybody there!

Brant, what's the meet date?

06-11-2009, 04:59 AM
It will be good to see you again Buddy. Looks like the "old fat guy" division will be hotly contested with Bill Gillespie, you, and I in it.

06-11-2009, 09:05 PM
Roger, you probably won't recognize me by then. Should be a lean mean 250 by then on my way to 242s for APF Louisiana in Sept. I'll probably be on the mic and bring my sound system over for the meet. That was the plan last time I talked to Brant. I'll do my best to get you two bulls jacked up for some monster benches! I'm looking forward to watching that!

Tim K
06-17-2009, 11:36 AM
Looks like I'll need to mark July 25th on my calendar. I'm hoping to make the show and see some records smashed!

The Professor
07-08-2009, 07:35 PM
:cool:I spoke with Wayne Watts, co-promoter and GA Chairman, said he heard from James Searcy the other day and said he is going to bring some lifters and if he feels good he is going to lift. Let's hope he feels GREAT! That would be a treat to watch a known 850 plus DLer pull. We are getting entries in everyday and the hotel is getting reservations. I'm getting jacked up. I am ready to see this meet take place. Hope to see a lot of people their. Remember it's FREE to come and watch! NO admission fee!

The Professor
07-14-2009, 04:54 PM
:cool:Well I received the final box of give aways this week. Critical Bench sent us 50 protien shakers to give away. APT Wraps sent a box of wraps to give away. It is a really good size box with several pair of wraps and elbow sleeves and lifting straps. Last but not least. Titan sent us 40 T-shirts to give away, 20 gift certificates that you can redeem for a Toro Bench Belt and new pair of Max RPM Wrist wrap of your choice in length 12", 24" or 36". Monster Energy will be giving away Drinks till they are gone. We have Smokin Pig Bar BQ setting up and selling sandwiches, chips and sweet tea till it's gone. :DRemember admission to watch the meet is FREE!!!! :DWe hope to see you their!

The Professor
07-14-2009, 05:50 PM
:cool: To all the lifters. I screwed up and forgot to put a deadline for when the entries were to be sent. Please send your entry in as soon as possible so we can have the weigh-in cards ready for weigh-in next Friday, July 24th. Again to all potential lifters we LOWERED the cost of the entry to help you get the most for your money. We hope to see you their.

The Professor
07-14-2009, 06:06 PM
:cool:If you have any questions please call one of the meet promoters. You can find our names and numbers on the entry form at the wabdl website. Look to my signature to find the link. Hope to see you their.

07-14-2009, 06:08 PM
I'm lookin' forward to hittin' the platform with Bill Gillespie again. I just came off a meet and pumped about this one already.

07-17-2009, 01:26 AM
I'm really looking forward to that dog-fight between you and Bill after your big 744 BP last weekend!!!! I promise to get the crowd cranked for you guys!!! Good luck to you both!

The Professor
07-19-2009, 07:35 PM
We are down to the last week before the meet. Keep the entries coming in. Stay focused on your training and diet. You've come this far keep it going just one more week. We hope to see many past friends and look forward to meeting new ones. If you have any questions please contact us. All 3 meet directors numbers are on the entry at the WABDL website. Look for the link in my signature. See you Friday and Saturday.