View Full Version : Shirt bench-full ROM?

06-04-2009, 08:43 PM
Hey senior bench guys,

How often do you guys go full ROM w/ your shirt?

I've heard some guys say save the full range stuff for ME singles only...

I have been doing most of my reps off 2 & 3-brd. but my next meet is in august and I need to start touching w/ my new shirt.

Having a tough time so far though. I'm doing all the right things such as tucking elbows, pulling down, using more weight. I'm still about an 1" or 2" away. Thanks for your input,

Travis Bell
06-04-2009, 09:25 PM
I touch something in my shirt every time I'm in it.

But I only get in my shirt about once a month

Try pulling the collar of the shirt up even higher and see if that makes it easier to touch.

06-04-2009, 09:40 PM
As you get heavier with the weights you add boards. A multi-board lift should be heavier than a to chest lift. Also start working more with 1 & 1/2 boards so the drop is not from 3 board one set to chest the next. I did not see Arch on your list of things - helps alot. The shirt will take less and less weight to tough as it gets broken in but you can still add more weight!!

06-05-2009, 05:34 AM
As you get heavier with the weights you add boards.
I do just the opposite. I add weight as the boards go lower. Here is my last ME bench workout:

605 x 2 3brd(didn't think I could touch 2brd)
675 x 2 2brd
725 x 1 1brd(just a hair shy of touching)
745 x 1 1brd
765 x 1 1brd(good solid touch, but don't think I'd touch full)

I am still breaking in this shirt, but if I could hit full range in it now, I would not do more than singles in it. Next workout, I'll take it to a 1/2 board. Also I rarely use a 3brd in a shirt. Just 2brd and below. Once I have a shirt broken in the way I want it. It goes in the bag until meet day. No need stretching out a good shirt training. I just use a similiar, looser shirt for training.

Rob Luyando
06-05-2009, 07:26 AM
OK first things first. If I disagree with anyone don't get you panties in a bunch and send me private messages. My opinion is my opinion and is based on years of exsperience and results (All time world record after all time world record).

Now you adressed Senior guys so I am probably out of line for even replying. When I see Senior I think of guys in Vincent and Pops Ryan's age group. LOL!

Travis has a total different training style so he already knows I won't give the same advice as him. But I have much respect for the kid because he bust his ass week in and week out and is making gains!

As for your technique we need video to hep you out. Arch needs to be forced and belly pushing upto the bar as well. Get a video posted and you will get a lot more benifical advice on your technique.

As for going full range. It is what it is. The less exsperienced you are the more you should do it. If you are confident in your ability to touch you don't have to do it as much but I would recomend atleast doing 1 or 1/2 brd set atleast 1 time every work out six weeks out from a meet.

As for weight loads with brds. 3brds should be your overload work 2brds & 1brds should be pretty close to what you can hit full range. The lower you go with the shirt the more you will get out of it! The material streches more the lower you go and has more rebound the lower you go. If you are having the oppisite affect its not the shirt its in your head!

And thats my 2 cents for the day.

06-05-2009, 09:03 AM
Rob you SOB. Seriously though, he gives great advice. Now take me for example, I am a relatively strong guy. However, I know this, there are a number of guys who are not as strong as I who put up better numbers than I do in a bench shirt. I think a lot of it has to do with me following the advice and training routines of others instead of what works for me. In addition, the shirts have gotten so technical. My best equipped benching was when I touched every week. My bench always looked the same week in week out and at meets.

I will begin equipped training again in August. I will be two weeks in the shirt then one week out. I will touch every week. I will also overload boardwork, but that will be a secondary exercise.

What does this all mean. Find or make up a program then give it a shot for 8-12 weeks. If it works continue, if not change it. At least you will have given yourself enough time to really evaluate.

06-05-2009, 04:30 PM
Thanks all you guys,

Like Rob said, it may be a mental thing at this point. I'm new to shirt training where as w/ raw training I never had a problem getting under heavy weights. Same w/ the squat/ DL.

Not to mention my training partner's are sporadic at best. (hard to find good spotters) The one guy that helps me the most is a BB... Go figure? The other powerlifters at my gym train at entirely different times than me. No excuses though, it's just a serious challange to find committed training partners and w/ a shirt you've gotta have a good lift-off. D*** it I wont let it impede my progress! (Sorry for all the venting...)