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06-07-2009, 05:48 AM
Well thought i'd do a journal to keep track of what im doin. So heres some background and stuff:
Age: 17
Weight: 171lbs
Height: 5ft 10
Experience: 1 and a half years roughly

My main aim is too gain mass and strength whilst remaining fairly cut.
Current 1RM:
Bench Press: 225lbs
Squat: 353lbs
Deadlift: 353lbs

Bench Press: 250lbs
Squat: 370lbs
Deadlift: 418lbs

All of these goals are for the start of september when the rugby season starts again.

I train 4/5 days a week with the split of
Sunday- Chest
Monday- Back
Tuesday- Shoulders
Wednesday- Biceps/Triceps
Thursday- Legs

06-07-2009, 06:06 AM
So todays workout. Forgot to mention i also train abs every day except rest ones.

Abs Session 1- 10.00am
Hill Climbs x50
Crunches x50
Ab Wheel x50
Leg Raises x30
Left + RIght Crunches x50

I do this with no rest between exercises for two sets

Chest- Noon
Pushups (Warmup)
DB Chest Press 4x8 60lbs
DB Flyes 4x8 44lbs
Incline Db Press 4x12 44lbs

Ab Session 2- 8.00pm
Bicycle crunches x50
Leg Throws x50
Reverse Crunch x50
Lying Sit Ups x30
Do no rest and 2 sets again.

06-08-2009, 10:34 AM
Today i did back

T-Bar Rows 5x10
Hanging Cleans 3x5
Wide Grip Pullups 4x8

Nice short one but worked fairly high intensity