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06-08-2009, 12:36 AM
Hi, I'm mike, I'm 18, I'm 6'6 190 lbs, yes slim, I know, I've been lifting since 16, I was 6'4 150(lol i know, i grew 10 inches in less than a year), by October I was 171, I'm now 188, and was 193 in February. It really just never bothered me before hand, seeing as I could make up for it pretty well. But in November I started a 5 day a week lifting, and 6 day cardio routines.

I've been lifting for awhile now, but I've been battling a stubborn case of tendonitis in my left elbow since February, and have been out of upper-body lifting since, I've had two doctors tell me at two times to start lifting again, and it's come back. Although, it does feel alot better this time.

According to the doctor, I'll be good to go in a couple weeks here, and I'm pretty excited, but I just really want to gain mass, and strength this time, I'm done messing around.

Previously, I had been lifting about 5 times a week, doing cardio, 3 miles a day 6 times a week. Since I've gotten injured, I have cut down on the calories big time, and stuck to the cardio. But even before, I really hadn't had THAT GREAT of a diet, I never eat fatty foods, but I would try to stick to alot of protein, carbs, and fiber, probably 3-4,000 cals a day. In addition, my workouts weren't on schedule, I'd just go to go really, I'd stay an hour or two just lifting, but I'd be all over the place doing chest, arms, back, you name it, everyday.

I really didn't think that there was much to it, just wake up, school, creatine(kre-alkalyne), lift, protein, work, run, sleep. I never broke the days up or really knew the science of it all.

I have a couple questions as a beginner what I don't understand is why are we supposed to eat like 6,000 calories a day, how does that not make you gain fat weight, because to me(I know I'm wrong) we can't burn all that. And what's so wrong with working out alot? People thought I went on steriods because I toned up so much and got alot stronger and would tell me it's really bad to work out that often.

Anyways, I really just want to know what I should be eating, what are your diets, I'm aiming at getting alot stronger, and gaining alot of weight this time around, just a schedule I can stick to for a year or so. Also, How often should I work cardio into my routine, where should I put it(I still would like to burn some fat while I'm at it). Also, any supplement recomendations would be great, I currently used Biorythms Arginine and Kre Alkalyne Pump Explosion, Pre workout, and then use American Whey protein post workout. I like the protein, but I started the Pump Explosion literally two days before I hurt myself, so if there's anything better let me know.

I also would like to know how I should set up my schedule, like what muscle groups what days, or just how I should space the schedule so I'm not lifting one area too much, I'd prefer to still lift 5,6 days a week, I couldn't stand doing full body splits personally. And if any of you started from a taller thinner standpoint what lifts works the best for us? Or any exercise that gained some strength for you as a beginner.

I know this is alot, but I just don't want to waste my time, my dad did the same thing when he was 18, he gained 40 lbs. in a year, also seeing as he went on to play in the mlb, and he was 6'7 275 at his prime, now he's a fat bitch, but he could still **** me up no doubt, lol, but the techniques he used worked in the stone age, so I would rather get advice from people who know what's up these days.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as soon as my elbows good to go I will post lifts, and pictures week by week.