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06-08-2009, 10:44 AM
I cam across this and thought I would share I hope posting this is not against any forum rules. Not trying to troll or piss people off just thought it was a cool contest and would share with everyone that has helped me out.



1. You have to follow The EliteFTS Troll on Twitter.

Follow Me Here

*Go to this site and click follow. If you are not on Twitter - log on (simple and will take one minute) and then follow me.

2. Once you follow me send a @replay message message saying "Give me the damn shirt!" You do this by typing @EliteftsTroll send me my damn free t-shirt. Once this is typed in click update.

You win if you get a replay back from me asking your shirt size and address.

NO NO NO - I will not store this info anywhere or share it with anyone (Nobody needs to know your 255 asking for a M t-shirt) but it is kinda hard to send you a free shirt if we don't know your size and where to ship it.

I will be selecting MANY winners so start following now. This offer will not run long. I have been told I can only do this for 36 hours.

HINT: You will increase you chance of winning if you RT any message related to this offer. Just make sure you mention @EliteftsTroll in the message so I can see you.
**This will also give those who are already following a chance to win.

Now start following and posting Dudes. The more followers I get the better the posts will get.