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06-10-2009, 09:25 AM
I searched the forum and didnt find much on spasms. I was to the doctors yesterday (no help) and ER last night (got drugs, thats all). What set this off I feel was running about 2.5 miles Sunday. This was the second time Ive ran this year, the time before that was a month ago for two miles. So I am very deconditioned to running.

What happens is immeadiatly to the right of the spine I get an occasional spasm of pain. It is high lumbar/low thoracic. I do not know what is setting it off other than movement. I can move a hundred different ways and be fine and then get the spasm. I can move back into that position and I wont have the spasm, so it seems to be totally random. The pain is only in that one area, no spreading, tingling, or numbness. I would rate the pain as extremly annoying to very intense. The shortness of the pain is what is saving me from being totally screwed.

I went to the doctors office, and she wanted a urine sample to check for kidney stones. That is the last time Im ever seeing her. I went to the ER after a particulary bad spasm. The doctor poked at my back, said the right side (where it hurt) was swollen. He prescribed vicodin, valium, 2 days of icing followed by heat on the back. He also gave me a lecture about how this would take months to recover from, light weight, high reps, blah blah.

I have had this happen twice before. Once in 2002, and once in 2005 or 2006. Both times were worse than now and I never went to a doctor prior to this.

So my question is, what is going to really help with recovery of this? Has anyone experianced something similiar? I have finally calmed down and realize this isnt a life changing injury. I hate to sound like I know more than the doctors, but I really feel neither of them were too concerned with the cause and only were concerned with the symptoms.

06-10-2009, 11:08 AM
If your doctor says it ok, Spinal Manipulation, Deep Tissue Massage, Streching, Check your mag, K, ca and others since this happens after running may not have enough. Work your way up on the running slow - dont just start off at 2.5mi start with much shorter distances and work your way up. Also if you have a gut lose it, one pound on the stomach= 10 lbs of pressure on the lower back -feel better!

getting there
06-10-2009, 11:25 AM
Its hard to follow up with advice right after an MD posts but here is my 2 cents. Like any exercise program, you should ease into it. Starting out with 2.5 miles is likely what aggravated your back problem. Start out with a shorter distance and work your way up. Ice and advil can work wonders to help with the inflamation in your back and stretch, stretch, stretch.

06-10-2009, 11:36 AM
The running was done on a drill weekend with the national gaurd. This was my last drill and I am now out of the gaurd. The next time I am running it will be because my life literally depends on it! I have no intention of ever doing running again. Sled dragging and wheel barrow pushing is my prefered cardio, when I actually do it, which is rarely. I dont know what my body fat is, but I defianetly have a gut. Thanks for the advice!