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06-11-2009, 10:15 PM
My whole team will be competing at this show, due to my tough work schedule, I will NOT be able to attend which is a real bummer. I basically sacraficed my chance to go so one of my friends that I work with can attend as having two people out at once is a no go, and as many of you know I am going to be competing anyhow a few weeks after this show back home so I can visit with my dad and have the honor of competing with my dad viewing. My good friend Scotty Smith will be competing and rumor is he is looking HUGE ( as always!) and will be putting up another HUGE total, including a 900 plus squat at 275 (that is my prediction!! you gotta see him in person to appreciate his size, arms, calves, chest, just HUGE). His technique on squat reminds you of the great Doug Furnas, Capt Kirk or even Eddy. SOLID walkout, steadies the weight, GOES DOWN DEEP SO THE JUDGES HAVE NO TOUGH DECISION ON DEPTH!, leads with the head, knees out, steady ascent, comes up solid. Basically you know its going to be 3 whites, just how it should be! On the bench he can be seem warming up to 500 raw backstage with little effort. On the pull due to his small hands, he sometimes has grip issues but with straps he could pull 800 without too much trouble. I have seen him pull 744 at 242 with a singlet and it was one of the quickest pulls I have seen. What might he do at this show? Who knows..... I would bet 930/950-611/623 and 744-771 on a great day, maybe 2300 plus! Did I mention he has good coaching that will be on hand as well, in the form of my pal EDDY COAN! I have alot of respect for Steve Dennison and how he runs his shows. I don't know how he does it but his spotters, loaders, judges, his whole crew is FIRST CLASS, as good as I have ever seen in over 20 years on the platform. I will be there in spirit! If you are in the area stop in and see a well run OLD SCHOOL USPF SHOW, JULY 4 IN SUNNY ANAHEIM. Anyone on here attending? Look out for big numbers from Danimal Martin and Robert Harris!

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06-11-2009, 11:02 PM
I'll be there along with 6 other teammates.

I have to echo your comments on the outstanding effort Steve Denison puts into each of his meets. Steve is the type of guy that lifters could rally around to unify the sport. Now with the USPF offering Multi-ply (Division 2), you basically have a federation that offers something for every type of lifter. All of the lifters on our team are going to put our full financial support behind the USPF in California. Someone else to thank is Alan and Bonnie Aerts. They have stepped up big time with Steve to help out with records keeping and other adminstrative things. It's a good time to be a powerlifter in Cali.

06-11-2009, 11:17 PM
I'll be there. Wild Iron has 4 people lifting and 3 going as handlers. Super Training will be brining a big crew as well. I think this will be a huge meet.

06-11-2009, 11:17 PM
Super Training Gym will have Mark Bell there as a 308 full meet guy, Cara Westin and Jannet Loveall both full meet female lifters and Juan John who will be bench only.

06-12-2009, 06:28 AM
ST is in the house, that is going to add to the excitement for sure! Get some GOOD videos of Scotty, ST and the other big lifts guys, cool?

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