View Full Version : When to stop Cut for max Bulk?

06-22-2009, 11:36 PM
I tried to do as much research but didn't find the exact question before. How low in BF% should I go on a cut before stopping and bulking til Feb/march? Are there inefficiencies in going too low? Am I killing off more muscle going from 10% to 8% than I am from 12% to 10%?What's the optimal BF% range to bounce back and forth from to build LBM? 5%-15%? 10%-20%?

Current: 6'3" 180lb@9%(?) (I can see v. slight horizontal ab separation when flexing)
Goals: 200lb@6%

I reason I have at least a few years to achieve my optimal weight so I'm more concerned with overall efficiency than how I look at any given point. That said I don't want to go above 25% if I can avoid it. I've read a lot about partitioning, but never pinned anything down specific, only that leaner can be better (and the possibility of a sweet spot). Cheers and thanks.