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06-27-2009, 10:23 AM
I ran a search, but for some reason nobody actually knows how to describe their pain, exact location and exact flexion that causes it so I can't tell if any of the previous issues (in the search page) are linked to this.. I ran a google search and found a couple things with the Iliasoas that could be it, but I only have 1 or 2 of the symptoms and nothing with regards to low back pain or torso rotation pain..

So, on June 6th I was doing ME box squats for the first time every. I do DE box squats every week, working my way up to 335 and had never gone heavier. I worked up to a moderately difficult 495x1 with a box that's MAYBE 1" above parallel for me. No pain. I didn't do any other leg work this day, I did a few rack pulls and some delt work since I missed a day in the middle of the week.

I got home, went to shower and bent over to take my socks off. You know the motion when you're taking your socks off standing up, you take your left foot and bend your keee 80-90 degrees then rotate it up onto your opposite knee and take the sock off.. Well, I could feel a little tweak on the outside of my left hip as my left leg was bent and on my knee, but ONLY during flexion, meaning once I got it up on the knee and the muscle wasn't flexed anymore, no pain whatsoever. I wrote it off as just some after squat pains that subside like usual.. The next day, when putting on my socks, I could still feel the tweak but it was more like a nuisance pain.

I do my DE box squats on wednesdays so that means on 6/10 I was doing DE box squats. I did 12 sets of 2 and worked up to 335 with no pain WHATSOEVER and it felt great. This was my 5th week of heavy training and I was to do a deload the following week. My joints were achy and overall pretty tired so instead of working up heavy 5's of full squats after the DE box squats I just did some volume sets: 315x10, 315x10, 365x8, 275x15.. nothing serious, and still no pain. The following day when going to put my socks on I felt that pain again, this time it was more pronounced than before.

Now I know, stop putting my socks on right? lol..

Anyways, I skipped legwork that saturday (6/13) to give it some rest and just did some heavy low rack pulls again then began a much needed deload. On wednesday (6/17) I did a full body workout and when I got to squats I could definately feel the pain in the same place as when I feel it when I'm rotating my leg, however, it was only from about 2" before the "hole" then continued down into the hole and then pain went away when I was about 2" out of the hole.. I worked up to 135x3 and didn't want to stress it more because it was some pretty serious pain at this point. I tried stretching it some more and went back for another set but with the same result. I started taking ****loads of ibuprofin and stretching pretty hardcore twice a day..

This week my workouts have been off due to my birthday and I didn't get around to box squats until yesterday. I can still feel some pain during leg rotation but it's very minor. I warmed up with no issue and worked up for 315x2 on DE box squats and felt no pain at all and the weight was simple, as DE is supposed to be. Afterwards I hit up some front squats as I'd like to start doing them again and just worked up to 185x5.. on that last set I could feel the tweak again when I got down in the hole so I held off of going up any higher and called it quits on squats and moved onto a sweet SLDL PR of 405x5..

After the workout was over, hip pain was present again, not HORRIBLY bad but I could definately tell it was there. I went home, popped some ibuprofin and played on the computer until bedtime since it was a late workout anyways.

Finally, (Sorry to write a book guys) a little last info is that it doesn't affect me AT ALL doing anything else. Sitting, standing, running, lunging, etc.. I can touch my left knee to my chest with no pain and I can rotate my left leg OUTWARD with no pain. But when I rotate it inward, that's when I get pain on the outside of my left hip and when I squat down just before the hole I can feel the pain, hell, those box squats didn't even hurt at all last night and that's about 1" above parallel.. It's just weird.. I don't squat sumo or even very wide.. I squat about 6" outside of shoulder width is the most comfortable. Oh, might I add that it's NOT joint pain, it's STRICTLY when the muscle is being flexed. I can reach down and pull my leg up onto my knee and it doesn't hurt one bit, but if I use my muscle to move it up, that's when it hurts. I know it's muscle pain, I just don't know what to do about it or any specific stretches that may work. I've tried just about all the stretches I can think of and none of the actually target the pain area..

I hate going to doctors and spending money on copays and MRIs when I have other resources available so I figured I'd check here and see if anybody else has experienced this and what they did to fix it..

I've seen some recommendations for briefs, but I'm going to be competing RAW and don't want to screw up my training..

Thanks for the help..

06-27-2009, 11:31 AM
I get the exact same thing some times but i always write it off. I just recently found a stretch that i think may help though. Im bad at explaining so ill try and find a link in a minute but
sit in a chair and cross one leg over your knee. Bend forward slowly. You should feel it on the outside area of your hip.