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06-28-2009, 07:17 PM
24 hours without water and I weighed in at 67.4kg to compete in the 67.5kg class in the Seattle Summer Classic! :D I'd been mostly Olympic weightlifting but have powerlifted before in March so I decided to do this one as well.



Extremely easy. I like to go pretty light on my first squat though, get any nervousness out of me.


Still quite easy. This is my current max, still going ATG.


I was originally going to do just 160kg, but my gym owner was there and suggested 162.5. Glad he did, because it still went up, though I had a bit of a halt on the way up. I also didn't go as deep as I like to, maybe an inch or two high, but it's still below parallel. New PR though.



Went up fairly easily, but my warm-ups I felt quite shaky. I had a feeling my bench might be a bit weak today.


Close to my current max. Still somewhat easy, though slower than the last lift. Maybe I should have opened lighter and had my second attempt lighter.


Last max was 264lbs in March. This one just did not go up at all. I think I screwed up breathing up, because I let kind of a breath out in my struggling a second after I started the press. I wouldn't feel so bad about it if it had gone up at least a little bit. Oh well!



Both lifts were quite easy. I hate doing the deadlift because you stand just RIGHT in front of the crowd, so I basically just walk up to it and pull.


Pretty shaky, but went up. New PR.

Kind of lost interesting powerlifting though... was bored at some points while waiting for my lifts. Definitely going to go into weightlifting for now. Still a nice meet though. Very hot in the room, but I like it that way. Some pics of me during the meet (camera batteries died, and my friend wasn't very good at operating my camera, so not the best pics):



Tim K
06-29-2009, 08:10 AM
Those are some nice numbers. Good job at your meet!