View Full Version : 5x5 Routine to Bulk Skinny-Fat 20 yr old

07-03-2009, 02:27 PM
I started working out in March 09', "skinny-fat". I work out consistently and I eat 5 healthy meals a day. I've gotten considerably stronger (nothing like beginner's gains!) and cut some fat. I'm 5'9", started at 145 lbs I'm up to 155 lbs.

I added some photos below so you can see where I started, and how far I've come so far. The first pic is from March.

However, my goals are to increase my big 3 by 50 pounds each and find my six pack. The goals may sound contradictory but I hope being a beginner will still let my body adapt in both ways. Plus my strength is still pathetic.

My 2 questions on diet & exercise:
1) Anything missing from my workout routine(see below)? Or some of your favorite exercises I should add in?
2) I have been eating pretty much the same food everyday (see below)- I know the body loves changing workout routines - do I need to change my food frequently as well?

I'm starting a four day split, with the focus on 5x5 for compound exercises.
Here is my split (warm ups excluded):


Bench - 135 x 5
Incline Bench Flys and Cable Pulls superset


Standing Free Weight Military Press
Standing Barbell Military Press


Squat 155 x 5
Deadlift 185 x 5

Triceps & Abs

Non-Stop Dips, Pushups, & Jack-Knife Sit-Ups Circuit
1x Dips, 2x Pushups & 3x Jack-Knife in a pyramid from 1 dip to 6 dips (fun circuit if you've never tried it)
Superset Tricep Extensions & Cable

Back & Biceps

Bent Back Rows 135 x 5
Pull Ups
Bicep Curls

Sample Daily Diet:
Oatmeal with 25g protein powder & whole wheat toast with peanut butter

4 egg whites, banana & nuts

2 servings whole wheat pasta with fruit

Tuna fish + whole wheat toast with peanut butter

.5 lb fish with whole wheat rice & corn

**Post-Workout - Protein shake and fruit

Your experienced comments are appreciated, thank you in advance.

I will keep you posted on 5x5 progress.