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04-19-2002, 08:48 PM
I was reading the ingredients on a package of nutra-sweet and 2 of the ingredients were dextrose and malto-dextrin, immediatly that registered in my head that, that is what most people on this site take post-workout for an insulin spike. I was wondering if I sprinkled a few packets of that stuff on some food post-workout it would do the same thing, and how many packets would it take to equal the amount of dextrose and malto-dextrin that you guys get post workout?

04-19-2002, 09:04 PM
Rea how much is in one packet (and its not the only ingredient, then read how much people use in their post workout drinks.

You'd have to consume 50-75 packets for it to have the same effect.

Now, if you are asking whether or not it would be detrimental to the effect of your post workout shake, no, it wouldn't obviously. Go ahead and use some if you need the sweetness.


04-20-2002, 04:28 AM
As far as I know, there is a little less than one gram of dextrose in the packets, so you would have to take a boatload of them for an insulin spike.
On another note, give splenda a shot. It still has the dextrose in the packets but it tastes alot better than nutra-sweet to me.