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07-05-2009, 06:44 PM
Ok ive been doing this for about 6 years and i still havent gotten the results im looking for. Where am i going wrong, or is it just some genetics holding me back?

My meals
2 eggs, 2 peices of protein enriched wheat bread
1 salmon can, bowle of spinach
1 chicken breast, packet of brown rice, bowle of spinach
1 portein drink, 1 yogart
1 salmon can, spinach, tortila wrap
1 protein drink
1 protein drink with carb enhancer
1 protein drink before bed

for a work out i am now following your beginers workout rutine. It feels good but i am not sure if this is just because its a change of pace. It is less then i am use to doing though.
bench 270
deadlift 400
squat 420(haha i know 420 is a pot reference but it just worked out that way

i weigh 205 and am 6ft tall. I dont workout at a gym. I cant afford it. I work full time and go to school and i own a house that i am still paying off and when you combine that with the family i have living with me that i am taking care of it dosent leave much money for gym dues. I do have workout equipment at home obviously and i was working out 6 days a week. I am now working out 3 days a week by the rutine this site gave me and doing cardio 2 days a week.

My problem is even though i do cardio and workout and train at a mma academy and teach a judo class to 13 and under students i cant seem to lose my fat or get the muscluar look i want. Im not self concious that much but when i get into the ring to fight the guys i go against in my town are 205 and up for heavy weight. I cant seem to cut enough to go against smaller guys and i am on the small side for the big guys. I look beefy with clothes on but without i kinda look like fedor or something. You know what i mean? U can tell i have some muscle but the is fat covering it up. Also i feel over powered by the guys i go against and if it wasnt for my experince and my grappling i would lose more matches then i do. So what i need is to know if i am sitting about right in weight i lift for a guy my weight or if i should try to increse my weight i lift or lose weight to be more dominate in my class and to have a better looking body.

Please help andy adivce is appriciated.

I guess if i had some measurments that would help u. I dont really have any but my arms. My arms are only 16.5" when flexed. Its bigger then the guys i work with but i dont think its to impressive my self. I always wanted to be big. So thats been my goal, but not achiving it makes me wonder if its not in my genes and i should try to drop to 185 weight class and get cut. Please help any way you can.