View Full Version : Training to be a monster

07-06-2009, 04:22 PM
Ive been training for awhile but i just found site so i thought i would keep a recorde so i can hear what other people think of my progress.

Body weight 200pnds (dont know fat percent)
dont know all my mesurments but i have a 34" waist and almost 17" arms

Big 3
Squat 425(today first time, nursing me knee still)
Deadlift 400 no belt
bench 275(maybe more if i had spot) no shirt

This is what i did last week, on off days from weights i go to either judo or mma training, so high cardio on those days.

Monday chest/back

bench press 135x8,225x8,235x6,240x5
low incline bench 135x8,165x8,205x6
reverse grip bench 135x8,155x8,185x4
chin ups, bwx8x4sets
deadlift 135x6,275x8,325x7,370x5
barbell rows 135x8,185x8,205x6
cable rows 230x8,250x8,270x8(too light this day)

Wensday legs

squats 135x8,225x8,275x8,325x6, 425x1(all full depth but to ankles)
leg extensions 135x10,180x8,205x6
straight legged deadlifts 135x10,225x8,260x6
calf raises 4 sets to failure at 300pnds
then i push my truck up and down my drive way for 4 sets.

Friday shoulders/triceps/biceps

Standing military press 95x6,135x8,145x7,160x4
1-2-3 raises( modified side and front shoulder raises) 20x10, 30x8
rear delt raises 25x10,35x8
close grip benchpress 135x10,185x8,205x6,225x4
frenchpress(skullcrushers w/e) 90x10,100x8,125x6
Ez bar preacher curls 90x8,95x7,105x6
hammer curls 30x15,30x15,30x12,30x10....30 is all the weight i have for dumbells so i just do 4 sets to failure.

My goal is to be 240 with a 6 pack. im 200 right now with my abbs coming in. I dont know what i will be lifting when i get there but my goal is weight and size more then anything else. In my towns local cage fighting events the weight class is 205 and up for heavy weight and im tired of being the small guy at the event. I cant seem to lose enough to be in the 185 class where i would be one of the biggest guys there so i figure i always wanted to be big so i will just go that route.