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07-08-2009, 02:26 PM
Ok, as mentioned in my intro thread, I have been at this for at least 10 years now. I truely started out lifting when I was a Ranger stationed in Panama and linked up with a guy that was a power lifter. I ended up putting on 30 lbs in a year but some how ended up switching up my routine and go away from the basics. I went from 135 to 165 yet some how thought I could do better and and since only gone up another 10 solid lbs. So back to the basics here I come. Plan on starting the SS work out on this coming Monday. My goal is to finish out the week doing one body part a day to help get myself ready. I will be starting with lower weights than what i know I am capable of simply because there is no point in straining anything in the beginning before I really even get started.

So here we go:

Start weight as of 7/7/09 = 173.5# (5'9" 38 years old)

Diet is good so far and I continue to increase my intake as well as get up to about 2.5 gm / lb of body weight in protein a day. At about 1.5 right now. Also working on getting my water intake back up as well. Currently only at 2 liters a day so that needs to increase as well. should be back up to a gallon a day by early next week. already tired of going to the bathroom though!

Supplements being taken:

True Protein recession special
Mass FX (test booster)
Vitamin pack daily

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here are some current pictures. Nothing special. Just a normal guy tryin to gain some muscle.


I know, I have a long way to go but you have to start somewhere.

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Doing the SS work out is going to put me as the odd man out around my gym. Then again, they probably think I always do strange things or things against the norm. The one thing I have noticed over the years in my area is that there really is not any hard core gyms around. Everything is fru fruie because there is alot of money in my area. Sucks as there isn't even a lifting pad in my gym and only one around that I am aware of. I know of a few guys that do some power lifting moves but we are never in the gym at the same time so this could all be a little challenging down the road.