View Full Version : No carbs before bed rule

04-20-2002, 11:18 AM

i hear people say it will make you store it as fat or whatever.
why would carbs be stored as fat during sleep and not protein or fats?

04-20-2002, 12:27 PM
Reinier, its a complete myth. The reason you may put on fat if you eat high amounts of carbohydrates before bed has more to do with you eating too much and being too inactive before bed. You have to keep in mind that your body is going 7-8+ hours without food during sleep so you need nutrients. It won't matter much if you're taking 50 grams of protein or 30 grams of pro with 20 grams of carbs. Just make sure that you're not getting many more calories than you'd burn off during sleep and you should be ok.

"There's nothing magickal that makes carbs consumed after 6:00 pm suddenly break the laws of thermodynamics" ~ Par