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07-10-2009, 05:31 PM
Hi there, im 23 years old. I am 5'10 and weight 155 pounds. Today i signed up to fitness world and my goal is to gain weight, I want to be 180-190 pounds before I start cutting. I have a few questions. First let me show you my grocery list of what im going to be buying on monday to start eating. And if anyone can add to the list that would be great. Btw im lactose intolerant so I cannot eat dairy foods.. only dairy food I can have is lactose free milk which I can buy. Here is the list:

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast (what seasoning do you use on this to make it tasty?)
Tuna (water packed)
Extra Lean Ground Beef
white egg powder
Low or Non-Fat Cottage cheese (going to try to eat this and see if I get sick or not)
Whole Wheat Bagels (im guessing any low-fat spread will do?)
Brown rice (what seasoning do you use to make it tasty?, can i also eat white rice?)
Cereal (i have kashi cereal, is that okay to eat? its really healthy I believe)
peanut butter sandwitch on whole wheat bread

I have a few more questions, I will be buying ON 100% Whey gold standard on monday. For my protein shakes, i will be adding strawberries or banana and flaxseed oil to it.. is there anything else I can add to it that will add protein to the shake? And if anyone can add to my grocery list that would be great. I know that brown rice takes a long time to cook so is it okay to have white rice once in a while? Thanks for any help, I greatly appreciate it.

NY Rob
07-10-2009, 10:12 PM
Copied from this thread:

Credit to Alke for creating this list

what a bodybuilder eats...
a lot of people are asking how to eat, and when I first joined this place, that was pretty much my main question as well.

Someone posted a list and I printed it and it is still on the inside of my kitchen cabinet door, thought I would post an edited version for the next new guy

1-2 Gallons of Water a day


Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast
Tuna (water packed)
Fish (salmon, seabass, halibut, sushi, mahi mahi, Orange roughi, tilapia, Sardines)
Extra Lean Ground Beef or Ground Round (92-96%)
Protein Powder (Whey, Casein, Soy, Egg)
Low or Non-Fat Cottage cheese, Ricotta
Low fat or Non fat Yogurt
Ribeye Steaks or Roast
Top Round Steaks or Roast (stew meat, London broil, Stir fry)
Top Sirloin (Sirloin Top Butt)
Beef Tenderloin (filet mignon)
Top Loin (NY Strip Steak)
Flank Steak (Stir Fry, Fajitas)
Eye of Round (Cube meat, Stew meat, Bottom Round)
Ground Turkey, Turkey Breast slices or cutlets (*no deli or sandwich meats)

Complex Carbs (nothing enriched, bleached or processed if possible)

Oatmeal (Old fashioned, Quick oats, Irish steal cut)
Sweet Potatoes, Yams
Beans (Black eyed, Pinto, Red, Kidney, Black)
Oat Bran Cereal, Grape nuts, Rye cereal, Multi grain hot cereal
Farin (Cream of wheat)
Whole Wheat frozen Bagels, Pitas
Whole wheat or Spinach Pasta, Whey Pasta
Rice (Brown, white, jasmin, basmiti, arborio, wild)
Potatoes (red, white, baking)

Fibrous Carbs

Green Leafy lettuce (red, green, romaine)
String Beans
Bell Pepers (Green or Red)
Brussels Sprouts

Fruit (If acceptable on diet)
bananas, oranges, apples, grapefruit, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, lemons or limes

Healthy Fats

Natural Style Peanut Butter
Olive oil, Safflower oil
Flaxseed oil
Fish Oil
Nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts)


Low of Non-Fat cottage cheese, Ricotta
Low or non-fat milk
Low fat or non-fat yogurt

Condiments & Spices

Diet Soda
Crystal light
Fat free mayonaise
Reduced sodium Soy Sauce
Reduced sodium Teriyaki Sauce
balsamic Vinegar
Salsa, Jalepenos
Hot peppers and Hot sauce, Cayanne pepper
Chili powder and Chili paste
Mrs. Dash
Steak Sauce
Sugar free Maple Syrup
Extracts (vanilla, almond, etc)
Low sodium beef or chicken Broth
Plain or reduced sodium tomatoe sauce or paste

For calories in each food go to http://www.fitday.com