View Full Version : Improving explosive strength on the 5/3/1 program

07-12-2009, 12:34 PM
I have been using the 5/3/1 program since the beginning of the year and have made some good progress. I am doing the 4 day a week program with SQ, DL, BP, and Incline BP. I have reset all of my lifts except the squat which is by far my worst lift. Anyways, one of the great things I have found about the program is that it teaches you to grind through reps better and push yourself. However, I have noticed, especially on the squat, that I have lost a lot of speed and just don't have a lot of explosion on it. I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on this before I submit a question to Jim directly. My current setup (and I rotate the assistance every 2-3 waves) looks something like this:
DL Day
5/3/1 DL
GMs 3 x 8,9,10 (work up on the reps over the wave)
Step Ups 3 x 10

SQ Day
5/3/1 SQ
Leg Press 4 x 12
Weighted Back Ext

Thankks in advance for your thoughts.

Lones Green
07-12-2009, 01:56 PM
There are a couple of guys around here that had the same complaint about the program. Said they lost all their speed.

I'm sure you could work in some dynamic work somehow

07-12-2009, 02:02 PM
How about some speed work for asst work?

07-12-2009, 02:11 PM
I will say that is probably my only complaint with the program so far. It is great that it teaches you to really push yourself hard and how to properly strain which is something I needed. However, on my 5/3/1 day with squats, I managed to get 3 reps, but they were painfully slow. I have also noticed through running and other sports, that I don't have the same quickness I did when I first started the program. It isn't due to weight as I am about 3-5 lbs lighter since I started the program.