View Full Version : So what's with clean bulking???

07-13-2009, 02:24 AM
I keep reading about the importance of keeping it clean when you bulk, but don't really get why. I'd understand if it was to prevent excess fat being put on, or even in order to get enough protein down you, but at the end of the day what's the difference in getting 4000 calories of clean foods rather than 4000 calories of Mcdonald's, KFC etc??

Obviously I recognise the long term effect on your health of saturated fats etc but is this the only concern in keeping it clean? Will my body see any difference (externally) between a clean or dirty bulk of the same number of calories, presuming both diets include enough protein??

07-13-2009, 08:00 AM
Everyone is different. I have buds who can eat chit and keep a 6-pack and others who get fat from looking at a KFC commercial (like me). I find that all of my mates complain about lack of definition after extended periods of fast food though, particulalry after Chinese buffets (this might be due in part to sodium intake as well -- not just fat). Play around with a few cheat meals and see how you look and feel. I have a cheat meal (more like a 4-hour binge) every Sunday night and my Monday workouts are always WAY more intense and satisfying than any other w/o of the week. Today is power bench day and last night I had three pounds of beef on the grill, gobs of tater salad and several slices of pecan pie with ice cream. Pretty sure I'm gonna have a good one today ;)

If I cheat more than once a week though, my midsection starts to bloat. Just see what works for you and HAVE FUN!

07-13-2009, 09:39 AM
Last time I bulked I kept my regular diet and added junk food and fast food. I got up to 328.5 and benched 600 raw in a meet. I am now doing more of a clean bulk currenty. Eating my regular diet. I added in AtLarge's Mass Stack so I am getting about 900 extra calories a day from Maximus--a gainer shake with quality ingredients and Results--creatine drink. I have also increased my meal portions by a few ounces. With that said I am around 320 and am actually bigger than I was at 328.5. I actually have a few veins in my arms. When I was "dirty" bulking I don't think I could even find a vein in my feet. I am lifting in a meet in a few weeks where I will be benching more than 600 raw.

I don't want this to come off as an advert for ALN although I am a huge believer in their products. I just can't eat anymore clean food in a day than I already do or at least I am not willing to. Eating 5-6000 clean calories a day is very difficult. I needed the supplements to do it cleaner. Anyway, either by supplements or food I highly recommend a clean bulk. I have done it both ways and I feel bigger and stronger than I ever did when eating garbage.