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07-16-2009, 07:55 AM
I am looking to put together a 5 day strongman orientated westside split. My main objectives on this split are to
1) Increase my deadlift (550 right now) (main weakness off floor)
2) Increase my Log press (242 right now) (main weakness lockout)
3) Get better at events (Farmers and stones) (just suck at stones, farmers ok)
4) Get better conditioned for events

This is what I have come up with so far. Any advice would be greatly appreciated especially in regards to my DL. I lift raw and this is the equipment I have 2 Barbells, plate load thick and reg dbs, plenty of plates, power rack, axle 2 inch and 2 3/4, log, ssq bar, sandbag, 2 stones (220 and 240), stone trainer pipe, mini, light, and average bands, 2 chains, bench, and inc bench, chain yoke, sled/prowler. Thanks.

Sunday- ME Oh
1) ME log or Axle variartion +rep work (3x5)
2) Rows (3-4 x 6-8)
3) Db bench or Inc db
4) Pullups (3-4x 12+)
5) Tris (3-4 x 8-10)
6) Bis (3-4 x 8-10)
7) Grip

Monday- DE Sq/dl
1) Box squat 10x2
2) Speed DL 8x1
3) Stones or sandbags (varies)
4) Hamstrings (natural glute ham or db swing) 3-4x8-12
5) Abs (3-4 x 10-15)
6) Obliques (3-4 x 10-15)

Tue- Event/gpp
1) Axle cleans or db snatches
2) Farmers Walks
3) Sled pulls
4) Prowler

Thur- DE Oh
1) DE Log or Axle (switch weekly)
2) Supplemental (3-5rm) (Inc cg, cg bench, boards)
3) Pullups (3x5) (trying to get 100x5 I am at 80x6)
4) Rows (3-4 x 10-15)
5) Tris (3-4 x 10-15)
6) Bis (3-4 x 10-15)

Friday- ME Sq/DL
1) DL or Squat variation (weekly)
2) DL or Squat rep (3x5-10)
3) Hamstrings (db swing, glute ham) 3 x 8-12
4) Quads (stepups, lunges) 3x8-15
5) Abs (3-4 x 8-12)
6) Obliques (3-4 x 8-12)

Travis Bell
07-16-2009, 10:14 AM
Did you read the Q and A regarding Westside and strongman training?

It might help you with that program, as I probably wouldn't do what you outlined. Your upper days should not be ME or DE log, rather it should be bench, with ascessory work being overhead stuff.

5 days a week is a bit much anyways.

Also, you don't have enough conditioning work in there.

07-16-2009, 10:56 AM
Yes, I read the Q and A with Louie. I forgot to mention that I run, sprint, hit the heavy bag, and do stairs for conditioning too because I am pursuing a career in law enforcement. I can see what you are saying about the 5 days a week being too much but I have lifted for about 7 years and have found I can recover well on 5 days a week and am in good shape but always trying to improve.

The reason I can not use bench movements as ME and DE is because over the past year benching has been a problem due to my right front delt/upper back giving me pain on flat benching movements and dips. Sometimes I can bench with little pain other times it is just a bad idea to even try. However, Inclines, dbs (palms facing in), and any oh press do not hurt.

07-16-2009, 05:22 PM
Your upper days should not be ME or DE log, rather it should be bench, with ascessory work being overhead stuff. Travis, I had a hard time with this comment from Louie. I've tried to take everything as gospel from his writings, b/c he is just the best and we all know next to nothing compared to him. But, if you look at the top SM guys like Poundstone, Mariusz, Savickas, Ortmayer... none of them BP in their training very much.. they are still have great benchers - I think Poundstone was done 3 or 4 raw reps with 500 recently - but they prioritize overhead work before any type of bench work. Many of these top guys do overhead work in a Westside/conjungate method - ME, DE, RE efforts.. with chains and bands ... etc.

Perhaps it's another question for Louie next time? Further information into why prioritizing Benching would improve the overhead events - Log, Fat Bar/Axle presses, Yoke Press - more then the actual lifts themselves. Thanks..