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07-20-2009, 02:26 AM
I thought I might as well start one of these. They seem like a great idea. I think its a good way for me to track my progress and stay motivated.

I am trying to get into shape before joining the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). They have an intense 24 week training course, so I figure while I am in my last semester of college and before I apply I would get my a** into shape so I can accomplish this goal of mine. I have wanted to be a police officer for a long time, so I am determined to not let my fitness hold me back.

I am 19, 5"11", 199lbs.

My goal is to be 170lbs. I want to lose weight, build muscle and strength, and maintain a healthy/lean physique.

My Current Plan (4 Weeks):

Weight Training:

Monday and Thursday:

Close Grip Bench - 4x12,10,8,6
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown - 4x8
Seated Cable Rows - 4x8
One Arm Dumbell Rows - 4x8
BI Curls - 4x8
Hammer Curls - 4x8
Ab Crunches - 3x20

Tuesday and Friday:

Military Press - 5x10,8,6,4,2
Upright Rows - 4x8,8,6,6
Lat Raises - 3x12,10,8
Leg Press - 5x10,8,6,4,2
Leg Curls - 4x10,8,8,6
Ab Crunches - 3x20


Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Long Distance Running

Saturday - Sprints

This is just my beginning plan. Once I shed some fat and build a little muscle I will start to focus on more muscle groups like TRIS and calves etc. I plan to change work outs every four weeks.

I will try and update about my workouts as best as I can.

07-22-2009, 02:15 AM
I put in two good muscle workouts, one on Monday and the other on Tuesday. I am just starting this program. Its good, but its leaving me really sore.