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07-25-2009, 07:28 PM
Hi there, my name's Will and as of writing this I'm 20 years old, 5"11, 172, with a goal of 185.

[Tried to upload image but since this is my first post.. Will upload it after I post 9 more times.]

I'm a skinny guy, and I started off at 150 around february of this year, bulked up on whole milk til I hit about 170, lost 10 lbs of fat, then worked up to 170 on a high protein, balanced carb/fat diet, with most of my carbs eaten in the morning. I have a friend who's 200 (Very lean guy though, all muscle) and he's trying to drop to 185 as well to hit middleweight.. I'm trying to meet him at that weight so he can teach me some martial arts and we'd be about the same size.

My intentions starting this journal are to find new ways to challenge myself, beef up to my goal without plateauing, and change the way I'm working a little based on user feedback. There's a saying "It takes a village to raise a kid".. well I find the same idea useful when trying to master anything - it takes the strengths and ideas of many people to get good at something.

My typical daily diet consists of-
3 cups skim milk + whey
3 cups cereal w/quart of skim milk

Noon (At work, physical job):
About a pound of cooked food, high carb, moderate fat, high protein style stuff
Vitamin water

After workout:
Skim + Whey

A yam (I eat one every day..), a vegetable, and a lean meat.

Before bed:
More skim + whey


My current workout routine consists of a 2 mile run on odd days, and on even days I will do 15x the following with dumbells(Up to 30lbs now):

Reverse Crunches
Russian Twist
Toe Touch
Standing Row
Lying Row
Bench Press
Tricep Kickbacks

That's all I can think of right now, I'm trying to increase intensity by doing this circuit 1 time one week, 2 times the second, 3 times the third, resting the 4th week, then starting over with more weight...

I guess the first thing I'm looking for is a way to work the chest better. Please share anything you think is useful and I'll upload my first before pic as soon as I hit 10 posts.

Thanks for reading!