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07-31-2009, 11:09 AM
Hi, my name is Josh, and I have skinny arms.
This is why:

In 8 months I went from:
265 lbs.


175 lbs.

Thing is, I didnt lift much on my diet/exercise program, and I ran a lot. And my caloric deficit was 1000+ calories (90lbs in 8 months, about has to be), which made my arms skinny. And my legs. I also still have fat around my stomach (im 181 lbs right now, gained some weight back because I got lazy).

Stats are:
181 lbs.
16 years old (17 in october)
Squat: 155x5
Bench 110x5
Dead Lift 185x3

I did SS in weight training class, but didnt eat enough, so I made ****ty progress. But, I now have experience squatting, deadlifting, and benching, and know what it takes to make a good routine.

I dont really have a routine though, I lift 4 days a week on this schedule:
Dead Lift/Rest/Military Press/Squat/Rest/Bench/Rest Repeat.
On my lifting days, I do the primary lift, plus an accessory, plus something abs (usually weighted decline situps, one of my favorite exercises).
Youll see this with my workout later today.

On my off days, I will be walking, or running (1.5 or 3 miles). My future may include the Marine Corps, so I would like to be in shape for that (I am with crunches, almost with pullups, I just suck at running)

My goals:
-Lose some fat. Not too worried about weight. Im honestly more worried about how I look and feel, and the numbers and times I put up.
-Do a ****ing pullup. I cant do one. Hopefully 8-10 weeks from now, ill be stronger, and lighter, and I can do one.
-Have fun and enjoy myself!

Oh, and I have whey protein, and a protein complex from GNC. Ill get some ALN when I have more money (I quit my job to lose weight and get healthy, and spent all my money on my GF)

So, ill get this started later today with my workout. Hope you enjoy the contents!
- Josh

07-31-2009, 02:46 PM
Bench Press


I got ****ing weak...hah. Thats embarrasing.

Military Press (standing, strict)


I have trouble with doing two compound lifts in one session. Thats one problem I had with SS, but thats just me. I can do 80 or 85 for a 1rm, but I was tired from benching my whole 95 lbs.

Decline situps
+ 15lbsx3

So, thats it for today. Im embarrased, pissed, and have lots of work to do.

08-01-2009, 11:28 AM
Incredible the way you transformed your body thus far, and this is just the beginning now that you're lifting.

Good luck!!