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08-03-2009, 12:42 PM
Well, after thinking a lot, I think I might stop my bulking and stick to cardio to lose at least 30 lbs in a few months. What would you guys recommend me? I enjoy running, threadmills, cycling, and other cardio involved activities. What do you think would be the best weight way to lose some weight?

I am 5'6
185 lbs

My goal is to be around 165 by December:

What about the ECA stack, is that recommended? I am planning to do Cardio 6 days a week, for at least 45 minutes and the rest for weight lifting. Is that a good idea? Any thoughts on diet, supplements for weight loss?



Joe Black
08-05-2009, 01:02 AM
My advice would be to start off with something sensible that you can commit to and consistently do as this is what's required for dropping weight. Doing cardio 6 times a week is a little over the top if you ask me.

My advice would be to continue to make weights your number one priority. Building lean muscle mass is probably the best way to keep a lean physique, period.

Definately do some cardio, but keep it sensible otherwise you are going to burn yourself out. I would suggest no more than 3 sessions a week to start with. A good strategy that worked VERY WELL for me was to tack 15 mins onto the end of each of my weights workouts and then I did 1-2 seperate cardio sessions on top of that.

So for example.

Mon - cardio (45 mins)
Tues - weights (45mins) and cardio (15 mins)
Weds - off
Thurs - weights (45mins) and cardio (15 mins)
Fri - weights (45mins) and cardio (15 mins)
Sat - cardio (45 mins)
Sun - off

I did some GPP type stuff for the 15 mins sessions (circuit style workouts) and then for the 45 min sessions, either some rowing/running at the gym or some sport, like tennis.

Now to the most important part. DIET.

You have to eat well to lose the weight, it's THE most important part of a fat loss program.

Some tips,

- Eat clean
- keep carbs low on the whole (apart from during and after workouts)
- keep protein high
- eat below your calorie maintenence rate

Check out my journal for full details of the workout and also some diet examples.

And good luck :)

08-05-2009, 01:16 AM
^^^ Good info.

For my weight loss clients I get them on a full body routine implementing circuit and interval training.

08-05-2009, 12:17 PM
Thanks a lot man!!! I am definitely sticking with the cardio after each work out:

I work work out:

Moday: Weights (20 minutes of HIIT)
Tuesday: Weights (20 minutes of HIIT)
Wed: Weights (20 minutes of HIIT)
OFF (45 minutes of low pace cardio)
Fri: Weights (20 minutes of HIIT)

Considering that I will be strict with my died, will that be enough to lose some fat? I am really pounding it on the weights, honestly. I am using RESULTS and I am lifting bigger than ever. My 20 minutes of HIIT are the most intense minutes everrrrrrrrrrr......

One question, related to my routine, "What should I do about squats and HIIT". Do they "interfere" in any way if I do them in the same day? Will my results be as efficient if I did Squats a lone?

I like Die coke, can I drink one once in a while?
How many protein shakes do you recommend?
I want to drink one maybe during breakfast, after a meal, and post work out, is that too much?

Thanks man!! I appreciate your help.

08-05-2009, 01:53 PM
I wouldn't bother trying to do HIIT on squat days, I'd go for a some slow steady state cardio after lifting and maybe HIIT on off days. Like DC said above, Eat Clean. You'll probably want to set a shut off time for carbs (unless you work out late in the day). Try to eliminate simple and High GI carbs altogether and stick with a bracketing philosophy (every time you're about to eat carbs, think "Am I going to need this for fuel or replenishment or should I stick to a Protein and Fats meal?") and try to avoid eating getting too many macros at once (except for maybe breakfast), try to shoot for "Protein and Fats" or "Protein and Carbs" meals.

This worked really well for me but it kinda seems complicated (its a lot easier in practice than even reading it).