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08-04-2009, 03:41 PM
Long story short, I used to be an active powerlifting competitor and used to post on these boards regularly for the last 4-5 years (with some breaks). I graduated college last summer and was 205lb at 10% bodyfat in the best shape of my life. I then went through two jobs, going broke and whole lot of other life messes, didn't workout at all, over ate, and 10 days ago weighed in at 235 at 21% bodyfat. So I got disgusted with myself and decided that this year, for my 22nd birthday, I wanted to give myself the present of being more ripped than I have ever been in my entire life. Luckily, I have retained a lot of my old strength, and seem to not have lost any LBM (if anything gained) because I was eating 4000+ calories a day and doing some heavy lifting here and there. But I did gain a lot of fat.

So here is the plan. I want to use this journal combined with your support to stay motivated and on pace so that I can hit my goal of being bodybuilder ripped by Dec. 17. I am not too concerned with gaining LBM, if anything, I just want to try to avoid losing too much. My diet plan is as follows:

Week 1: Adjusting to healthy lifestyle, eat at maintenance (3000 cal/day)
Week 2 (now): Transition into PSMF style diet (~1000-1500 cal, <50 fat, <30 carb, 200-250 protein)
Week 3-5: repeat
Week 6: Maintain at 2500 cal (to revamp metabolism)
Week 7-22: cyclical ketogenic or UD 2.0.. have yet to decide.. might do some PSMF 2 wk cycles in there

For lifting I will do HST style full body workouts, 3-4 times a week, with very low volume, atleast the first few weeks (extreme caloric restriction already). Goal is really just to maintain, not looking to make any size / strength gains.

For cardio, I plan to do a little bit everyday (maybe one day off), 20-30 min light jog 2-3 miles. Nothing high intensity and def no intervals.

For supplements, of course I take whey (nothing but Nitrean in my book) and drink a gallon of water a day. I also take a GNC multi, CLA / DHA / EPA fats, ZMA and Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock + Cellucor T7 Extreme (both of these are pretty intense, been taking daily for the past week).

Diet for the initial PSMF stage looks something like this:
4 scoops Nitrean
2 cups milk
8oz chicken
2 slices cheese
1 lo-carb tortilla
8 large egg whites
6oz wild salmon
total: 1500 / 46 / 40 / 225 (cal/f/c/p)

I have already lost 6 pounds (mostly water from not eating crap food) in 10 days since starting.

Here is my "starting" pic from a week ago..

For those of you who don't remember me, I was the guy who posted the ridiculous posing video to eye of the tiger last March at around 12% bodyfat.

Start by logging today:
Cardio - 2.5 miles jog / 30 miles
Diet (exact same as above)
bodyweight - 229.. calipers showing around 19-21%

08-04-2009, 03:43 PM
Forgot to add that I will do 1 free meal per week on wed night (within reason - no dbl cheese burgers lol) and a 3-5 hour structured refeed every saturday afternoon where I consume 100-200g of carbos as starches.

08-04-2009, 05:55 PM
no critique / advice?

08-05-2009, 12:16 AM
diet looks good and the goal is definately acheivable.. I'm not a fan of HST full body workouts, but that's just me, I'm a volume whore..

Be careful with the full body workouts while on PSMF, it's quite easy to overtrain. I also prefer UD2 over cyclical keto just because it yeilds better recomposition results..

Last but not least, jogging is crap.. Get a mountain bike and hit the trails! lol

08-05-2009, 12:38 AM
good luck with everything, can't wait to see photos of you at 6-8% BF you will be real cut

08-05-2009, 08:23 AM
just finished AM weights workout..
(working sets only shown, no warmups, all sets done with slow tempo and focus on squeezing applicable muscle maximally, super strict form)
5 min uphill walk on treadmill at 3.5 mph
Rotator Cuff Exercise DB: 10x10
Incline DB Bench: 75x10
Lat Pulldown: 160x10
Cable Row: 160x10
Bent Over DB Lateral Raise: 25x10
DB Shrugs: 85x10
Tricep Cable Pressdown: 50x10, 65x10 (holding 5 sec squeeze at bottom of each rep)
Alternating DB Arnold Curl: 40x10, 50x5
Forearm Curl: 25x10 (holding squeeze at top and letting weight drop all the way to finger tips on bottom)
5 min jog at 6.0 mph on treadmill

Not exactly a super power workout, but again my goal here is to maintain LBM and avoid overtraining. All sets were at max intensity.

08-05-2009, 09:14 AM
bodyweight was 225 today

08-05-2009, 03:35 PM
This answers my question in the other thread. Welcome back.

08-05-2009, 07:53 PM
Hey man it's good to see old friends on here!

08-05-2009, 10:48 PM
looks good for just starting back up..

08-06-2009, 12:35 PM
going to take my free meal at dinner tonight.. I gotta say I am very impressed with the D4/T7 stack.. at half the normal D4 dose and full T7 dose I have energy throughout the day and no hunger cravings whatsoever despite eating <50g carbs. I almost feel overstimulated/nauseous when I eat any carbs haha..

08-06-2009, 05:33 PM
6-8% is ****ing lean brah, best of luck with your new goals.

08-07-2009, 11:35 AM
had a nice meal at an italian restaurant last night (didn't pig out - just seafood over some angel hair) as my free meal..
back to original PSMF diet today..

workout (was crunched for time, so did very short rest between sets, also only showing working sets):

DB Rotator cuff 10x10, 10x10
Incline DB Bench 80x7, 75x9
Dips BWx6 (with no rest following the 75x9 set)
Cable Row 180x10, 180x10 (back seems to be picking up quick)
Bent over DB Lateral Raide 25x10, 25x10 (focusing on the negative part for max burn/pump/**** me pain)
Shrugs 85x10 (after this set started geting a lot of pain from my right trap not sure wtf happenned but it hampered the rest of my workout)
Standing Alternating DB Arnold Curl (very slow) 40x6 (had to stop from trap pain, biceps were not exhausted at all)
Cable Tricep Pressdown 80x10, 65x10 (holding the full contraction)

Not sure wtf happenned to my right side of my neck/trap, it's feeling a little better now with some stretching.. as a side note, I got insane pumps today and took new pictures looking HUUGEE.. probably from the carb influx last night (wasn't too bad maybe 100 grams)

also increased the daily dose on my supps to:

morning: 1xD4, 2xT7, 2xcensor
afternoon: 1xT7, 2xcensor

I would do 2xD4 in the morning, but it gets me to jacked up to behave properly at work haha

EDIT: Looks like the muscle I pulled/strained is the Rhomboideus Minor (the small muscle under the traps)... my traps feel fine its when i flex my whole back or my neck extension I feel pain in that little guy.. hopefully it's minor and will go away in a couple days.. might have to lay off back training

08-07-2009, 02:29 PM
what exacly is the d4 and t7 that you mentioned?

08-07-2009, 06:28 PM
Everything looks really good. Hope you can rest that muscle a bit and it wont set you back. Awesome goal which i am sure you can achieve. Good luck!

08-07-2009, 06:54 PM
Cellucor D4 and T7.. check out their website.. they are fat burners.. one of them is stimulant type and the other is thyroid stimulator.. just some supplements.. I love em

I usually dont post about supps on here besides AtLargeNutrition because they have been great and I have been using them for years and I encourage their stuff first. I use many of their products, especially while bulking, I would use Nitor but I had a bad reaction to it years ago (not that its a bad product - it works great for many of my good friends).

08-08-2009, 02:13 PM
Bad news.. .last night I grabbed a hot handle on a frying pan where I was trying to come some salmon and eggs and not only got bad 2nd degree burns on my left hand but the heated grease was stuck to my skin and boiled off huge blisters on my index and middle finger. Going to have to keep it wrapped and not touch any weights for a few days.. atleast I got 3 solid workouts in this week.. maybe I'll just do cardio

08-08-2009, 10:51 PM
due to the hand situation couldn't do much today in the gym..

diet was very conservative.. low on cals, zero carbs, maybe 150-200 g of protein

back feels good and sore, no more pain.. just needed some rest

08-09-2009, 12:07 AM
take care of that hand

08-09-2009, 03:22 AM
definitely.. I've been washing it and rubbing neosporin.. might need to get a small bandage

had a mini refeed tonight out at a bar.. 1 shot and a beef burrito with no sour cream or anything too fatty on it (tortilla, carne asada, lettuce, tomato, a little cheese)

08-09-2009, 10:11 AM
When you get disciplined and focused on a goal, it is scary. That re-feed would be a regular meal for many people. Keep up the good work.

08-09-2009, 01:13 PM
Already, so today is Sunday, which is my major scheduled refeed. My stats are looking decent, bodyweight hovering around 225 and calipers showing 18.3% this morning. I am actually shockingly surprised by the amount of abdominal definition I am seeing already.

So, summary of the first two weeks: 235 @ 20% -> 225 @ 18.3%, down 5.8 pounds of fat so far, and 4.2 of water (makes sense with a rough 1500 cal deficit over 14 days or so)

Today I'm going to go for a 5 hour refeed period, consuming approximately 200-250g of carb, keeping fat minimal, and protein at normal levels

08-10-2009, 01:10 AM
ended up taking the refeed a little too far.. had a gyro and a mcdonald's angus burger.. but overall sitting around 3000 cals (maintenance more or less) today and my muscles feel full and carbed up, my energy levels are also high.. i'm going to now restart psmf tomorrow morning until next sunday..

08-10-2009, 11:07 PM
diet was around zero carb today and 200g of protein.. very clean

went for a heavy upper body workout (non HST style) because I felt amped up from being carbed up from yesterday...
(warmups not shown)
Flat Bench Press 225x7, 275x1
Incline DB Press 80x8
DB Fly 40x8
Cable Row 180x8, 220x8, 200x8
Pulldown 160x8, 180x3
Shrugs 100x6
Alternating DB Front Raise 30x3,25x8 (strict form)
Bent Over DB Lateral Raise 25x8
Preacher Curl 70x5, 60x8
Alternating DB Curl 40x8
Standing DB Overhead Tricep Ext 60x8
Tricep Rope 65x8, 50x8

It's been a long day so I might be off somewhere.. but anyways, I'm going back to usual HST on Wednesday, I can already feel myself getting quite sore

08-11-2009, 01:16 PM
calipers at 19% this morning with average hydration... not bad considering my starting caliper was around 21% at equal hydration... it's weird, I have clearly visible upper 2-4 abs now, but this pouch of fat just chillin over my lower abs... can't wait to incinerate it..

weight: 223.9 lb

08-13-2009, 09:11 AM
brutally awesome workout today.... A+, left the gym with a full body pump, almost in tears from the pain/pleasure of a complete ass kicking

bodyweight: 224.0 upon waking

(all sets are working and do not include the 2-3 warmup sets before each muscle group, really focused on doing intense, focused reps in this workout with full ROM, with explosion out of the hole and slow negative portion)
Full Oly Squat 275x8, 315x3
Rotator Cuff 8x10 (different angles)
DB Incline Bench Press 80x8, 85x7 (full stretch of pec at bottom, very slow focused ROM)
Seated Cable Row 180x8, 200x8
Lat Pulldown 160x6, 140x8
Alternating Front DB Raise 30x8
Bent Over Lateral DB Raise 25x8
DB Shrugs 55x10 (holding peak contraction for 2 sec)
Cable Tricep Rope 50x8, 57.5x8
Cable EZ Bar Bicep Curl 50x8, 57.5x8

08-13-2009, 09:29 AM
Also took some pictures in the gym (excuse the terrible posing, I was so exhausted I could barely breathe lol)

EDIT: To clarify this is highly carb depleted and post workout

08-14-2009, 08:19 AM
Got some pretty hardcore soreness in my abs, lower back and legs. Weighed in at 221.9 this morning. Looking noticeably more cut in the mirror. Calipers reading in the 18-19% range..

Just going to focus on staying as close to zero carb as I can today, taking my supps, and eating good protein.. yesterdays intensity was a little too high for cutting

EDIT: Decided today that I'm doing to discontinue D4 for 4-6 weeks and just finish my current 4 week cycle of T7. They have worked fantastically well and I have tolerated them well, but I have already built a huge tolerance to the D4 - one pill used to get me jitter and mindblowingly stimulated, now I'm taking 2 and barely feeling it. I want to be able to use D4 when dieting gets more painful at the lower BF% (<12%). I'm going to therefore stop using D4 until I hit the 12-15% range, and then start up again. If I continue using D4 now, I will have to stop right when I get to the hardest part of the diet.. I'm just going to run the T7 at full dose for 2 more weeks.. then go no dieting supps for two weeks after that then start D4 up again..

08-14-2009, 04:06 PM
Had my free meal this afternoon after 5 days of low/no carbing... it was a 6oz wild salmon fillet with some sauce on it, a couple cups of brown rice, and some asparagus in butter.. was absolutely amazing. Back to zero carb fun..

EDIT: Decided to make it a complete refeed instead. Later that evening consumed around 50 peices of sushi (which was about 300 carb and 100 protein).

08-15-2009, 01:11 PM
Woke up today feeling very swole, muscles feel pumped and strong. Looking forward to power workout later today.

EDIT: No workout today, Monday is what I meant lol.

08-15-2009, 08:49 PM
Diet today: 1,657 kcal 47.0 fat 53.3 carb 249.8 prot

Feeling pretty good.. soreness almost all gone. Going to get really strict next week and try to start under 20g carbs and fat. Going to cycle to 6 rep working sets starting Monday. (My rep scheme is 12,10,8,6 for the 4 weeks of the month, with 1-2 working sets per bodypart, fullbody, 3x / week)

08-16-2009, 12:38 PM
Ok so last night was a bad one for my diet. Ended up running into some guys I used to party hard with, next thing I know its 4 am, 6 shots, 1 adderall and 1 joint later... I surprisingly don't feel too terrible today, just a mild headache. Going to focus on getting rehydrated, I haven't partied like that in a while. Today is going be a pure nitrean + milk day wiht maybe some chicken strips and a gallon of water with a lot of rest..

08-16-2009, 06:01 PM
Alright, it's 7PM, finally starting to feel healthy and alive again. Been drinking water and eating extremely clean all day. nitrean, water, veggies, chicken, fresh cheese...

Today's diet: 1,564 kcal 59.6 fat 33.9 carb 217.7 prot (including my planned pre-bed protein shake)
Exercise: none
Water: 1+ gallon
Supplements: multi, ZMA (no weight loss stuff today)

After some extended thought, I plan to do the following for the next four weeks (pretty much in line with my original plans):
Sunday - Thursday: 20g fat, 20g carb, 225g prot
Friday: 50g fat, 300g carb, 200g prot
Saturday: 50g fat, 150g carb, 200g prot

At a maintenance estimate of 3000, this puts the total weekly deficit around 10,500.. ~3 lb of fat (I know this is a little, but it's not for long enough to cause deregulation, esp given the carb cycle).. actual deficit will likely be a little more from cardio / lifting

Lifting: HST Low Volume (rep cycling 12,10,8,6) with short rest periods 3 x week full body
Cardio: 6 days a week, moderate intensity, 30 min

Supplements: (next two weeks) multi, ZMA, censor, D4, T7
(following two weeks) multi, ZMA, censor, D4

08-17-2009, 12:00 PM
Another low carb day... lifting today was weird.. didn't feel as exhausted as usual, yet couldn't do more reps when I tried to push myself.. just felt very weak .. probably still recovering from the alcohol / dehydration stupidity this weekend..

(working sets only shown, good form, slow tempo)
Full Oly Squat 315x4
SLDL 135x10
Flat Bench 225x6, 235x4
Dips BWx10
Pullups BWx6
Cable Row 200x8
Cable Pulldown 160x8 (N), 140x8 (W)
Shrugs 225x8
Seated Shoulder Press 135x6
Lateral Raise 30x8
Rear Delt Bent Over Raise 25x8
DB Curls 45x6, 50/35x4/2 (drop set)
Overhead DB Tri Ext 70x8
Cable Tri Ext 62.5x8
Calf Raise 190x10, 210x10
45 deg Decline Weighted Situp BWx6, BW+25x6
Forearm Rope 10x3 rollups/rolldowns (alternating grip)

1,662kcal 53.8 fat 48.1 carb 236.7 prot

EDIT: added diet above

08-18-2009, 10:27 AM
I was looking through some journals when I was cutting weight last year and using Results, and I decided to change up my diet plan a little (I know, AGAIN.. to include Results)... this week I will continue on low carb, low fat, high protein, until the end of the week and then have a good carb up meal Friday night and eat at low fat, med carb, high prot on Saturday.. but starting Sunday here is the new game plan:

Sunday: 40g fat, 20g carb, 220g protein (1320 kcal)
Monday: 40g fat, 100g carb, 220g protein (1640 kcal - exact same, but since lifting, incorporate calories from Results)
Tuesday: 40g fat, 20g carb, 220g protein (1320 kcal)
Wednesday: 40g fat, 100g carb, 220g protein (1640 kcal - exact same, but since lifting, incorporate calories from Results)
Thursday: 40g fat, 20g carb, 220g protein (1320 kcal)
Friday: 40g fat, 100g carb, 220g protein (1640 kcal - exact same, but since lifting, incorporate calories from Results)
Saturday: 80g fat, 300g carb, 250g protein (2920 kcal - carb up / maintenance)

Total Weekly Calories: 11,770
Estimated Weekly Maintenance: 19,600
Deficit of around 7830 calories not accounting for exercise or supplement recomposition effects...

08-18-2009, 11:30 PM
today's diet was around maintenance due to the free meal... had about 850 calories all day efore (about 100g protein, 20g carb..) then for free meal had half a chicken quesadilla and a 12oz strip steak with some veggies and a very small portion of sundae.. going to really blast my ass in the gym tomorrow

08-19-2009, 08:52 AM
Wow! Just got home from an intensely brutal workout. I still feel a little nauseous, actually thought I was going to puke/blackout a few times in this workout (was using very short rest periods ~ 1 min)...

Full Squat 315x6 (PR)
(spent 5-10 min here demonstrating rows and power cleans with 135 to my friend vectorman who was lifting with me)
Incline Bench Press 185x6
Flat Bench Press 235x4
Standing Overhead Press 115x6 (this was not 100% intensity, more of a demo to vectorman of how to do the press, but still decently hard work)
Seated Cable Row 200x6,220x6+180x4+140x8 (drop set)
Pulldown (stict) 160x6+140x4 (narrow), 120x8 (wide)
Shrugs 315x3 (losing grip), 225x6
DB Front Raise 35x6
DB Bent Over Lateral Raise 30x6 (slow negatives)
DB Alternating Arnold Curl (strict) 45x6
Tricep Cable Pressdown 50x6, 57.5x6, 65x6, 72.5x6, 80x6, 95x4, 80x6 (my tricep never get hit hard thus they are small relative to the rest of my body, going to start emphasizing them more)
Forearm Rope 15x2 roll-up (alternating grip style)

1,536kcal 35.3g fat 59.1g carb 235.7g protein

08-20-2009, 09:22 AM
Ran out of bottled water and forgot to buy some, so hydration has been terrible the last 24 hours or so. Just weighed in at 225 (bloat? lbm gain? I do look more buff..) but calipers are reading 18.0% bodyfat.

Current stats:
225 @ 18% (down from 231 @ 20.5%)
40.5 fat (down from 47.4)
184.5 LBM (up from 183.6)

I'm around a month into my cut. So I'm pleased so far. Down about 7 pounds of fat - which puts me at just under 2 lb / week. Definitely noticeable changes in the mirror..

08-20-2009, 06:14 PM
Kept diet in check today.. including planned shake before bed:

1350kcal 26g fat 54g carb 225g protein

Diet plan (same as above, slight mod):
Sunday: 40g fat, 50g carb, 220g protein (1440 kcal)
Monday: 40g fat, 100g carb, 220g protein (1640 kcal - exact same, but since lifting, incorporate calories from Results)
Tuesday: 40g fat, 50g carb, 220g protein (1440 kcal)
Wednesday: 40g fat, 100g carb, 220g protein (1640 kcal - exact same, but since lifting, incorporate calories from Results)
Thursday: 40g fat, 50g carb, 220g protein (1440 kcal)
Friday: 60g fat, 400g carb, 250g protein (3140 kcal - exact same, but since lifting, incorporate calories from Results and evening carb up)
Saturday: 80g fat, 200g carb, 220g protein (2400 kcal - end carb up / hard cardio workout)

Average Daily Caloric Intake: 1875kcal
Average Daily Maintenance: 2800-3000kcal
About 2 lb/loss per week not counting calories burned lifting / cardio..

I'm adding a few calories in since I fear that I may lose too much LBM if I keep pushing calories too low and I've already been cutting hard for a month..

Also going to change my rep range to 8-10-12-15 and keep the 2-4-6-8 more for when I'm bulking. Tomorrow will be back in the 8 rep range, next week starting at 15. Will cycle reps weekly. Focus on adding weight in each of the 3 weekly workouts (same HST fully body approach).

08-21-2009, 09:00 AM
Awesome workout. Went more for a BB style hypertrophy/pump high rep, 30 sec rest period type workout... arms were so pumped.. measured 17.25" post workout (cold they are 16-16.25")...

Didn't want to squats because I started to feel overtrained from squatting heavy three times a week on sub 1800 av cals.., so I did the leg press instead..

(working sets only shown, slow negatives, explosive positive, 30-60 sec rest periods)
Leg Press 585x8 (knees touch chest all the way down, not the 1000lb 14yr old half leg press)
Bench Press 225x7, 235x5
Chin-ups BWx4
Seated Cable Row 200x8, 180x12
Lat Pulldown 140x8,120x10+85x6(+ indicates drop set)
Shrugs 225x8
Alternating DB Curl 40x8
Cable Curl 50x8, 50x8
Cable Tricep Pressdown 65x8
Cable Tricep Rope 65x10
Cable Curl 50x6
One arm Cable Tricep Pressdown (diff grip) 30x8, 30x10, 25x12, 25x12
One arm Cable Tricep Overhead Ext 30x6, 30x6, 25x6, 25x6

Feel fantastic post workout. Nice positive mood/energy buzz, great upper body pump.

With regards to the high arm volume, I did these with extremely short rest periods, and wanted to prime my arms (since they are my smallest body part) for the carb up tonight. If I am to put on any LBM in this cut from the carb-ups, I'd rather it be arms than anywhere else..

EDIT: Did this whole workout on an empty stomach, immediately after rising from bed (literally within 10 minutes of my alarm going off).

08-22-2009, 08:04 AM
Re-feed yesterday got a little carried away.. ended up with around 150g fat 500g carb 300g protein ~4500 calories..

so going to make up for it today by keeping a very moderate intake of around 2000-2300 cal 50-100g fat 150g carb 200g protein

UPDATE: Sitting at 1445kcal 28f 128.5c 164.9p so far for the day. Did my first MMA / BJJ session this morning. Loved it! Going to just eat clean protein meals for the rest of the day and get ready for the butt raping low carb fest again next 5 days..

UPDATE2: Was exhaustd post BJJ, took a nap, just woke up (9PM yikes..). Not sure what to do, might just try to go back to sleep, might try to go out (it is Saturday night!)... diet ended up being 1,820kcal 37.0f 134.5c 236.9p for the day.

UPDATE3: Late night munchies ended up adding some cals.. I'm stupidly pissed at myself because of this..day ended up at 2,850kcal 81.5fat 197.7carb 325.5prot.. this is pretty much exactly my maintenance

08-22-2009, 08:24 PM
So I'm going to start taking Boxing / Muay Thai / BJJ classes soon. I'm going to swap my usual Friday workout with the Randy Couture MMA conditioning weight workout (which is more of a cardio / strength conditioning - shown below). This should cause more depletion than my standard workout, which should make the carb up more anabolic.

So in summary:

M / W: 8/10/12/15 rep range HST full body style lifting
F: workout shown below
Tue / Thur: Boxing class
Saturday: Cycle Class
Sunday: Muay Thai class

Randy Couture MMA Workout (also works as depletion):

Do 3-5 sets with 60 sec rest (one set is 64 reps - go through all exercises nonstop):

Bent rows x8
Upright rows x8
Military press x8
Good morning x8
Lunges x8 (each leg)
Squat push press x8
Deadlift x8

08-23-2009, 09:23 AM
Ok. Whew! It's a new week. Here is todays goal: Sunday: 40g fat, 50g carb, 220g protein (1440 kcal)

Going to be very srict this week. Last week I created a net deficit of around 6,000 cals, would like to increase that this week and be a little cleaner with the refeeds / maintenance days. Also can't wait to start increasing the cardio / MMA training and to start incorporating RESULTS into my diet (where is my package ALN!!?!?! I've been stalking the mail man lol..).

EDIT: Bought some whole grain pancake mix, whole grain pasta and unsweeted unflavored oatmeal and fresh raspberrys. This is for when I carb up at the end of the week. I want to keep the carb ups as clean and sugar free as possible so they can be anabolic to LBM preservance/gain rather than huge insulin spike and fat restorage.

EDIT2: Today's diet: 1,906kcal 87.4 fat 18.7 carb 239.6 prot

08-24-2009, 09:32 AM
This morning was another A+ workout. Hit a solid all-time PR in the squat and had a ton of energy throughout the workout. As usual all reps were completed with strict form, full ROM and slow tempo. Had some pain in my left biceps tendon, but it subsided about halfway through the workout.

(working sets only)
Full Squat 315x8 (PR)
DB Incline Bench Press 85x8, 100x3
DB Fly 45x8
Seated Cable Row 160x8, 200x8, 200x8
Lat Pulldown 140x8, 180x8
Overhead BB Press 135x8 (could have done more, but wanted to keep some gas in the tank given the tendon pain I was feeling)
Front DB Raise 30x8
Bent Over DB Raise 30x8
Rotator Cuff 7.5x8 (not really a working set, more like conditioning)
DB Alternating Curl 45x8
Cable Tricep Extension 80x8, 95x8
Calf Raise 250x8, 250x8

Today's diet: 1,627kcal 48g fat 30g carb 267g protein

08-26-2009, 10:01 AM
Yesterday was nothing too exciting, ate around 1800 cals, almost no carbs.

Today will get into my usual workout. Got postponed to the afternoon due to work reasons. Going to keep diet very clean today - possibly close to all Nitrean haha..

08-26-2009, 10:44 PM
Okay, so just got back from the workout. A little different from the usual, since I normally lift right after waking. Got my Results in, took my first dose today, got a nice rush from it (haven't felt amped like this since last time I took it in March 08). Got to the gym at 10:15, turns out the closed at 10:30, stayed until 10:35.. knocked out the following workout in 20 minutes (literally almost zero rest - 15-30 seconds average between sets - had an insane pump):

(working sets only, full ROM, slow reps, 2-3 warmup sets before)
Full Squat 335x5 (PR)
Bench Press 275x2
Cable Seated Row 200x8
Lat Pulldown 160x7+140x3 (drop set)
DB Front Raise 30x8

Diet today consisted of grilled chicken strips, nitrean, results, more nitrean, some milk.. haven't done formal count but I'd say <20 fat <100 carbs >220-250 protein

08-27-2009, 09:12 AM
Woke up feeling a little dehydrated today, did my weighin and bodyfat.. showing (this is week 5)

Cut Progress:

235 @ 21%
49.4 fat
185.7 lbm

231 @ 20%
46.2 fat
184.8 lbm

224 @ 19%
42.6 fat
181.4 lbm

225 @ 18%
40.5 fat
184.5 lbm

221.7 @ 17.5%
38.8 fat
182.9 lbm

So far, ending week 5 I am down 10.6 lb of bodyfat, putting me at 2.1 lb / week, which I am happy with. Can't wait to see week 24 (goal)!

08-27-2009, 11:45 AM
You've been losing weight/bodyfat meticulously - way to bring about a transformation man.

08-28-2009, 09:27 AM
CoCoa - Thanks man! It's refreshing to see that somebody actually looks at my journal lol.

So, I started the carb up last night (Thursday night) ending with this morning instead of the usual Friday / Saturday because I was starting to feel overtrained and just needed the calories.

Last night, went out to a restaurant, really pigged out, but only had ~600 calories all day before that.. probably around 3000-4000 total

This morning, had a nice stack of whole grain pancakes with sugar free syrup and some Results. Been taking Results 3 days in a row now, def helping me get amped up for lifting.


Thur night - 1 hr boxing class - got my ass kicked, it was all conditioning and a few rounds of sparring
Fri morning (now) - just finished MMA conditioning workout:
1 GIANT superset (48 reps continuous - 3-5 min rest between each super set):
4 sets @ 95 pounds barbell weight of:
Deadlift 8 reps +
Squat 8 reps +
Good Morning 8 reps +
Overhead Press 8 reps +
Bent-over Row 8 reps +
Upright Row 8 reps = 48 rep set

After the four supersets, did some small 2 set superset arm work (nothing to intense, left bicep/tricep tendon hurting lately):
Cable Pressdown 57.5x8, 80x8
Cable Curl 60x8
DB Alternating Curl 45x8

Workout was much different than usual.. didn't feel taxed at all on strength, but the full body superset destroyed me in endurance, I felt nautious after every set...

Going forward going to taper down the carbs the rest of the day and get back on low carb by tomorrow...

EDIT: I don't like this joint pain I've been getting all week in my left elbow, left knee and right shoulder. I'm going to make next week a deload week. Drop all the weights significantly and hit 15-20 reps per set. Really want to avoid injury since that would kill my ability to cut without torturing myself.

08-30-2009, 12:50 PM
Wow, so interesting situation. After doing Thursday/Friday/Saturday 3000+ calorie per day carb up, I woke up this morning feelign huge and swole. Weighed myself at 225.7 (which is obviously water and food retention) and then took my bodyfat and it read 16.6%! I would say my skinfolds are probably measuring different due to water retention and what not, but I feel great, energetic, carbed up, and all injury related pain is gone with the exception of some serious soreness in my forearms (damn boxing class lol). Anyways, still going to play it conservative, so here is the week 6 game plan:

Sunday - Friday: Try to aim for zero carbs except carbs from Results, keep fat under 60-70g and keep protein over 200-220g, keep water intake high, aim for around 1800 kcal per day
Saturday/Sunday: Going to a wedding of a fraternity brother so God knows what crazy **** is going down..

Workouts: (this is going to be my high rep, deload week)
Monday: HST with 15 reps / set + 30 min steady state cardio (low intensity)
Tuesday: 1 hr steady state cardio (low intensity)
Wednesday: HST with 20 reps / set + 20 min steady state cardio (low intensity)
Thursday: 1 hr steady state cardio (low intensity)
Friday: MMA style lifting, 5 sets of full body giant superset

Going to really keep the calorie burn up high this week and try to cut out as much as possible and get very depleted that way Friday night I can eat a clean carb up meal like a huge bowl of whole grain pasta or rice before bed, wake up in the morning and go to philly looking swole and cut

EDIT: Also going restart my 8/10/12/15 rep cycle after this deload 20 rep week. As I get leaner and restrict my diet and add cardio, I want to go for higher reps and lower weight, because my recovery will be impaired and I will develop the slow-twitch fibers and cardio which could use some work anyways. In 4 months when I switch back to bulking, I will do my usual bulk plan which is periodization - 3 months strength building (heavy @ 3/4/6 rep range), 3 months hypertrophy training (volume @ 6/8/10 rep).. but thats later

08-31-2009, 08:56 AM
Wow, another A+ workout!

Talk about insane pumps, good energy levels, pushing to the limits of my endurance, and not stressing the joints with heavy weight (this is weight deload week).. all sets were 20 reps (unless otherwise noted), slow ROM, focused, clean form, short rest periods (1-2 min max), tried to hold peak contraction for 1-2 sec each rep to maximize pump..
(this is working sets only)

Full Squat 225x20
DB Bench Press 70's x18, 70's x14
Pullups BWx6
Seated Cable Row 140x20, 160x20
Cable Lat Pulldown 120x8+100x6+85x6 (20 rep drop set)
BB Overhead Press 135x9
DB Front Raise 25's x15
DB Bent Over Raise 25's x20
Cable Tricep Extension 57.5x20, 57.5x20
Cable Bicep Curl 50x20

09-01-2009, 10:28 AM
Killer stuff with the high reps, actually quite ridiculous imo, lol.

09-01-2009, 06:21 PM
Yeah, still quite the workout for a deload week. Keep going, seems like you are making progress at a pretty good pace.

09-01-2009, 10:19 PM
Thanks for the support guys! Love the comments!

I'm going start increasing the cardio, since I ditched all the MMA stuff. Would like to try to get in 30-45 min 4-5 days a week in addition to lifting 3 times/week. Going to take results everyday to provide some carbs so that I dont go catabolic with all the cardio.

Diet has been real clean, pretty much just following my usual schedule, 5 days a week eating nothign but beef jerky, grilled chicken, nitrean, milk, water, string cheese, tilapia, salmon and tuna, with veggies of course, and then 2 days a week of carbing up with quality whole grain carbs (oatmeal, whole grain pasta, whole grain pancakes, etc). I upped the fats a little on the low carb days into the 50-70g range and have been feeling much better throughout the day. I was getting scared since I lost all libido after a few weeks of <20g carb and <20g fat, and now it's back strong.. macros looking like 5 days @ 50-70 fat 80-100 carb (from results mainly) 200-250 protein (around 1800 cals) and 2 days at 50-70 fat 250-350 carb 250-300 protein (around 2800 cals)...

09-02-2009, 08:57 AM
Another ass whooping workout, this time much more burn / endurance testing than last time.. weights actually felt moderate (not heavy like usual) but the intensity was insane because of the burn and pump...

Full Squat 225x20 (felt very very light - like 135 - but I was getting winded/nauseous from the cardio of doing 20 continuous reps.. muscle easily had 10 more reps in it)
DB Bench Press 70's x18, 70's x13
DB Shoulder Press 50's x16
DB Alternating Front Raise 25's x15
Seated Cable Row 180x20, 180x20 (this is probably one of the most brutal sets I do.. huge vascularity, insane back/bicep pump, and burn PAIN)
Lat Pulldown 100x20
DB Shrugs 50's x20 (holding peak contraction)
DB Bent Over Raise 25's x15
BB Preacher Curl 70x10
BB Skull Crusher 70x18
DB Forearm Curl 20's x20
DB Reverse Forearm Curl 15's x20

09-02-2009, 11:30 AM
Good job there man, looking serious.

09-03-2009, 12:32 AM
Went on a first date with a girl I really like tonight, took her to dinner. Ate pretty clean, a ton of protein and low carbs. Had 4 grilled shrimps, a 20oz filet mignon, and a cup of rice with some broccoli's at dinner. Also killed a couple glasses of wine. Was fun and my body actually is looking dry and fuller after eating it..

macros today obv a little higher than usual.. around 100 fat 130 carb 350 protein

09-03-2009, 08:22 PM
maros today sitting around the 50 / 20 / 220 mark..

09-04-2009, 08:10 PM
carb up today.. carbs consisted of sandwich, maximus and results.. protein in the low 200's as usual.. fat kept at bay

another ass whooping workout today.. (slow, full ROM, grinding reps, short rest periods intra exercise, long between exercise.. death is only more painful)

Full Squat 275x15 (this was a cardio killer, weight wasn't too bad at all, wanted to do more but was getting nauseous)
Incline Bench Press 185x10, 185x9 (failure)
DB Fly 45x12
Seated Cable Row 180x15,200x13
Lat Pulldown 140x12
Shrugs 45x20
Overhead Press 135x8
Bent Over BB Row 185x6 (had more in me just no mental strength at this point)
Preacher Curl 70x10
DB Single Arm Tricep Ext 25x12
Dips BWx16
Tricep Rope 50x12
Tricep Single Arm Rope 25x13
DB Forearm Curl 25x15
DB Reverse Forearm Curl 12.5x15
Forearm Rope 4 curlups (alternating grip @ 20lb)

09-05-2009, 11:50 AM
Wow dude, ridiculous volume as usual.

09-08-2009, 04:11 PM
Today is Tuesday, am finally back in town from my extravagant weekend in Philly attending/celebrating the wedding of one of my fraternity brothers. Diet from Thursday to Monday was pretty much all very high calorie, very high protein and very high carbohydrate (peaking with over 500g of protein and 8-10,000 calories on Saturday). My whole body was just ready for the high intake as Friday post workout I was feeling dead, in a lot of pain, sore throughout, and after the huge caloric intake this weekend, I feel swole, recovered, and really jacked - I was surprised that my shoulders and arms swole quite a bit (0.5" or more) post carb up - they must have been well depleted. Today was my transition day, back to the very low calories, low carb, high protein diet, with no workout. Tomorrow the workout scheme starts again. The weekend was a bit overboard with the calories (probably 20,000 or more total) but I feel like the majority went to recovery and growth as I feel stronger and look more jacked than ever in the mirror. Abdominal definition is still there just as when I started carbing up on Thursday.

09-09-2009, 09:51 PM
Due to the trip in Philly and my family whom I haven't seen visiting me this week, I have decided to make this week a maintenance week and to lift heavy with lower reps. In fact, this is exactly what I did today. Due to a number of constraints, this is my only workout for the week, so I pushed hard and heavy. I felt very energized, got a great pump, and left the gym psyched up and full of energy - as opposed to the usual nausea, near death experiene on zero carbs... joints also feel a lot better now that I've been eating at maintenance / possibly slightly above

Today's lifting (as usual no warmups listed in workout, full ROM, slow tempo, slow negative + explosive positives):

Full Squat 365x4, 375x3 (I had more reps in me on both these sets, but had trouble focusing due to a 130lb douchebag doing curls with an empty ez bar and being obnoxiously loud literally within the distance of being hit by the squat bar as I was squatting.. very annoying)
Ran into a major issue with the squat which is that the rack I am using only supports 365lb due to my cheap ass gym.. looks like progression is going to be in reps not weight.. I was dying to try 405 today but didn't have the balls since the rack was already shaky
Leg Press (full ROM) 585x10, 675x10, 765x10
Bench Press 225x3,275x3
Incline Bench Press 185x6,205x4
Seated Cable Row 200x8, 260x5
Cable Pulldown 180x6, 180x7
Chinups BWx4, BWx4
DB Shoulder Press 60's x8,70's x5
DB Bent Over Lateral Raise 30's x8,35's x8
DB H Raise (on incline bench) 30's x8
Tricep Extension 80x10,87.5x10

Fantastic feeling today. Felt full, strong, energetic, pumped.. arms measuring 17", chest 48-49" and waist down to 36-37.. Despite all the cutting, I'm seeing some serious growth in my back and arms ... I started this cut at much higher bodyfat and 16" arms..

09-11-2009, 02:54 PM
Fantastic feeling today. Felt full, strong, energetic, pumped.. arms measuring 17", chest 48-49" and waist down to 36-37.. Despite all the cutting, I'm seeing some serious growth in my back and arms ... I started this cut at much higher bodyfat and 16" arms..

That is great man, you've been working real hard for it all!!

09-15-2009, 07:48 PM
Followed your 42lb weight loos challenge a while back and lookin in on this, hoping you are keeping this up!! Great work man!

09-16-2009, 08:00 PM
blah so the past week has been a bit of a mess.. diet was maintenance calories, with a few heavy cheat days above.. no working out.. just had a lot of **** going on.. got derailed, today felt like **** emotionally from getting off track so I did a new strong brutal gym workout. The good news is that my week off healed my joint and tendon pains I was having and today I came back to the gym full of PRs.. strongly tapered down the carbs today and tomorrow I plan to return my usual diet / workout routine.. overall the whole week and half of dicking around probably set me back 2-3 pounds of fat loss but significantly improved my strength and muscle recovery and helped my joints so whatever..here is today's workout:

(usual routine, explosive reps, clean form, full ROM, slow negatives, short rest periods except for bench/squat)

Full Squat 365x8 (PR)
Incline Bench Press 225x6 (PR), 225x4
Overhead Press 135x8, 135x6
Seated Cable Row 200x8, 240x8, 200x12
Lat Pulldown (1 drop-set) 180,160,120x4,4,4
Bent Over Lateral Raise 30x10
DB Alternating Front Raise 30x8
Preacher Curl 70x12
DB Arnold Curl 45x8
Tricep Rope 57.5x10, 75x10, 87.5x8
Forearm Curl 25x12
Forearm Rope 2 rollups w/ 20lb (alternating grip)

one thing I want to add to this is that this cut is the first time in my life I've really trained with high reps - and even despite cutting, I've noticed serious muscle hypertrophy gains and I've gained a lot of strength.. it has made me revalue the importance of developing each rep range.. for years I trained 1-6 reps very heavy and built a ton of strength.. but nw 8-12 is really working well..

as far as plans:
next 4 weeks: going to take results preworkout and maximus post workout, with all other meals being P+F only. This means I'm having carbs 3-4 days a week.. on off days I will start doing HIIT. Routine will stay high frequency, full body, low volume per body part, but high intensity and 8 rep compounds, 12 rep isolations for the next two weeks, then 12 rep compounds and 15 rep isolations onwards... I'm ready to get RIPPED

PS can't wait to start bulking once this is all done with.. I have so many great ideas.. going to to german volume training followed by some westside training...

09-17-2009, 08:42 AM
...The good news is that my week off healed my joint and tendon pains I was having and today I came back to the gym full of PRs...

Props on the new PRs with your inclines and squats guy.

09-17-2009, 10:39 PM
Coke - the props is much appreciated


Not much to say about today. Drank my usual water, ate a good 200g of protein, not much of anything else..

09-18-2009, 03:26 AM
Good work man, I'm findin it hard to eat 200+ grams of Protein myself.

10-04-2009, 10:51 AM
ahhh finally got back in the gym yesterday... diet has been above maintenance for last two weeks, gained back a decent amount of weight..

(working sets only)
Full Squat 365x5
Flat Bench 275x4, 315xmiss, 225x7
DB Shoulder Press 50x8, 70x4
DB Row 70x10
Pulldown 180x6, 180x3+160x3+120x3+90x3
DB Bent Over Raise 30x8
DB Alt Front Raise 30x8
DB Alt Arnold Curl 45x8
Tricep Extension 160x8 (different machine than usual so weights do not carry over from prev workout)
DB Flies 50x8

Blah.. that's all I can remember.. memory is a little hazy from partying last night.. sore as all hell today.. some of the above exercises I did 2-3 sets, don't remember which ones..