View Full Version : Back to the Grind Stone

Irish Rage
08-12-2009, 04:02 AM
been to long since i posted here.

Anyway i've been out of commision for the past 6 months.. old injury in my shoulder cropped back meant i couldnt lift a thing...

so as it stands i've still managed to maintain my shape to a degree, however i've gone soft in places and put on some unwanted body fat, but thats to be expected i suppose.

so i started back training last week. did 5 nights.. took it relativley handy the first 2 up'd the game on the third and kept at it on the 4th and 5th..

my plan is get bigger and stronger.. I've never been into being ripped but in the same sense i dont want to be carrying to much fat either..

I'm currently weighing 256lbs.. goal is to hit 300lbs.. a massive goal i know.. as for time frames. i'll keep working until i hit(maybe i sound a bit stupid on that)

i have one major problem tho and thats my diet. I'm a plain eater... cant eat eggs, fish.. have alergic reactions to both.. I dont eat veg at all. cant stomach it..

I'm a potatoe, chicken, Turkey, beef man.. i do like my Pasta and rices...

any advice you guys can recommend on the diet side of things i would greatly appreciate..