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08-12-2009, 05:55 PM
So based on the new article and this other article I read I fixed this diet, but for some reason its not enough...

Meal 1 - Breakfast
3 Eggs
2 pieces bread
1 serv Nitrean with milk
1 cup OJ

Fish Oil 1 tab

782 Cal - 57g Pro/71g carb/30g fat

Meal 2 - Opticen 1 serv with 3 cups skim milk
645 Cal - 64g Pro/67g Carb/8g Fat

Meal 3 - Opticen 1 serv with 3 cups water
375 Cal - 40g Pro/35g Carb/8g Fat

Meal 4 - Mcdonalds Quarter Pouder with Cheese
1 small fries and 1 small coke

865 Cal/31g Pro/104g Carb/38g Fat

Meal 5 - 2 serv Nitrean with water
220 Cal - 48g Pro/ 1g Carb/2g Fat

Fishoil 2x times throughout the day and ETS before bed.

2887 Cal - 240g Pro/270g Carb/86g Fat

Here comes the question.... I had a problem today because I got hungry so I consumed meal 4 at around 4pm.... now needless to say I'm pretty hungry by 8pm. Is there something I can manipulate here? Maybe switch something?

Edit: forgot to mention my goals are powerlifting and to weigh 170.

Joe Black
08-13-2009, 01:35 AM
Your diet is really lacking in REAL food and I would expect that is the reason you are getting hungry early on. I really feel you need to fix that..

I use Nitrean and Opticen heavily, but still ensure each meal has some real foods in it. I would look to revise the diet and ensure it contains more real food and I think you will find that you get on better. It's ok to have one liquid meal, maybe even two if you have a very busy job, but you gotta make at least 3 of your 5 meals solid meals - preferably bereakfast, lunch and your evening meal.

How about try this.

Meal 1: Eggs, bread + Nitrean
Meal 2: Opticen
Meal 3: Mcdonalds Quarter Pounder with Cheese
Meal 4: Nitrean + Yogurt and fruit
Meal 5: Evening meal (meat and veggies and potatoes if you want carbs)

Instead of Nitrean

Joe Black
08-13-2009, 01:41 AM
Heres an example of my diet also so you can get a feel for the mix between real food and supplements.


The above is a non trainng day, on a training day I would also be consuming an Opticen during/post workout which will add about 300 something calories onto that.

The meal breakdown is:

Meal 1 (8:00am) - 2 whole eggs, 1 egg white and a pure fruit smoothie drink
Meal 2 (11:00am) - Novus Protein Bar, 60g cashew nuts and 4 x fish oil
Meal 3 (1:00pm) - Chicken & vegetables and 2 x fish oil
Meal 4 (8:00am) - 1/4 cup plain yogurt, berries, 2 x Nitrean (with water) and 4 x fish oil
Meal 5 (8:00am) - chicken and new potatoes

As you can see I still use Nitrean and Novus bars and on a training day Opticen too but I am still getting in a decent amount of real food.

08-13-2009, 02:42 AM
There's also carb rotation diet from the "Flab and Fat Away" e-book by Rose Windale. It's good for losing weight. It suggest eating more through healthy foods. YOu don't have to starve yourself just to get a slimmer body. It's a wrong way in losing weight.

Joe Black
08-13-2009, 07:30 AM
Should have asked, are you actually trying to gain or lose weight? (although my advice stays the same)

08-13-2009, 08:15 AM
Should have asked, are you actually trying to gain or lose weight? (although my advice stays the same)

Oh man thank you so much... I was hoping it would be you that would reply. I had just read your to bulk or to cut article and made the diet based on that. I'm trying to gain weight. I want to lose 4 pounds of fat and 10 pounds of muscle putting me at 169-170. I use 16 as the activity factor and that puts me at 2700 calories. I think I'll us that meal plan. I went with liquids because of my commutes to work and such.

7am I have breakfast
I leave the house at around 7:45 and get to work at 9. Yes it takes that long. lol. I get hungry at around 11 and just gotta eat something. I leave work at 4pm and get home at 5:30pm. Because of my budget I can only afford to purchase one meal. I work on the upper east side of NYC. Lunch here is expensive. Hence, the mcdonalds... which ends up being 6 bucks anyway. Everything else around here is like 8 dollars for a 3 calorie super-ultra-fat-non-existent sandwich. In any case, I figured a shake at 11 and then I grab a meal at 3 from McDs. Now, the problem is that at 5:30 I come home and get ready to go to the gym which i hit at like 6:30. I guess this is where your suggestion for meal 4 would come in. Thanks a lot man. This will fit perfectly. =D