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08-17-2009, 01:48 PM
I have been reading for more than two months here in the forum and I want to make a journal about my quest to losing 20 lbs of fat. I will work as hard as I have to to get there. I have been getting good results from my routine. I worked for a whole year (last year) and got some newbie results from a crappy routine, hitting muscles twice a week (no leg work out though) I started out with 172 lbs last year and ended up with 180 lbs at the end of the year with decent strength by the end of the year and lost like 15 lbs and gained muscle.

After a 9 month break: I am back to training. I am 24 years old. I am 185 lbs, at 5'7. I have a 36 inch waist (fat :confused:) I do look chubby. I have never been "skinny", nor "Fat". I have alwayd had this "full" looking body. I have been working out for more than two months with a "Better" routine. I have included squats to it and I have surpassed my gains from last year's in just two months. It might be because I had already trained my body, so it's growing faster and because I am eating healthier, more protein, and supplements.

This is how I look now (3 weeks ago):



I am taking these supplements to help me drop 20 lbs in a few months:


08-17-2009, 02:27 PM
I wanna keep a log to help me with the motivation. Any comments, thoughts are always welcome.

I am following this routine:

Monday: Squats 215 lbs

5 x 5

Back: Standing T-Bar Row: 135 lbs

4 x 8-10

Seated Row (Cables): 140 lbs +

4 x 8-10

Seated Row Machine: 135 lbs

4 x 4-10
Another Row machine (Don't know the name): 135 lbs

4 x 4-10

Pulls (As many as I can even with bad form :( )

20 minutes of HIIT at the end

Tuesday: CHEST

Bench Press: 135 lbs warm up

155lbs x 9 reps
185 lbs x 6-10 reps
205 lbs x 5-7
225 lbs x 1-3 (w/spotter)

Dumbell Press: 4 sets

75 lbs x 9 reps
80 lbs x 7 reps
85 lbs x 5-7 reps
90 lbs x 2-4 reps (w/spotter)

Inclined Bench Press: 4 sets

95 lbs x 8

Cable Chest Press: 4 sets

70 lbs (Increasing as I can)

Seated Chest Press (machine): 4 sets

Up to 200+ lbs

HIIT (20 minutes after )

Wednesday: LEG Day and Shoulders
4 sets

Squats: 215 lbs
Calf rasing thing: 4 sets

Shoulders: Standing Shoulder Press, Shoulder press, cables, dumbell raising (lateral), Dips, Barbell Shrugs

(HIIT 20 minutes)


45 minute slow pace cardio, stretching (Day off from lifting)

Friday: ARMS

Biceps: Standing Barbell Curls, PReacher curls, chin ups, dumbell curls
Triceps: Skull Crushers, rope pull downs, Dips, Overhead Tricep Extentions (Cables),

Saturday: OFF
Suday: OFF


Very strict on the diet at the moment :outnumber::tuttut::hide::ninja:

08-19-2009, 03:22 PM
I went for the bench press yesterday. Everything went smooth and all the pressing exercises went well. I dropped an 85 lb dumbell on my shaker though :( All the water was all over the gym lol, so I had to clean everything. This is the second bottle hehehe. This is the reason I hide my backpack under the bench too, cell phone, ipod, etc... Don't want any dumbells near those "COOL" devices, meaning expensive crap.

I didn't get to 225 Yesterday, but I am getting there again sometime. Solid tricep strength at the moment and loving it. I am actually losing weight, so diet is good, no starvation. Protein intake is high, solid foods, and motivation through the roof :)


Today is Leg day:

08-28-2009, 01:35 PM
It has been going great at the Gym!! My back is growing, my diet is pretty much in check. I am increasing on my lifts, so everything is really good. Today is Biceps and Triceps. I will hit them hard tonight and have them grow for the next 5 days ;)

Too bad I can't squat and stopped at 215 :( I my adductor muscle in my right leg got punished somehow and I can't lift, not run at the moment. I better let it heal before attempting squats again. The pain was not tolerable, so good thing is just to stop. Will start next week with very light weight, depending on how I feel.