View Full Version : Middle/Side Back Pain (after Squat/DL)

08-18-2009, 02:18 PM
Everytime I squat, and lately when I pull, I get a sharp pain in the middle/side portion of my back. When squatting as soon as I re-rack the bar and deload the spine the sharp pain hits. It does not hurt when I have the spine loaded, nor during the actual squat just when I rack the bar, and de-load the spine. When I pull (sumo) style it does not bother me until I set the weight down. Conventional pulling bothers it a lot. I have been to a Chiro and he was not sure what was going on...Just curious if anyone has expirenced this, and can help..I am thinking it may just be a lat strain?

Asked over @ elite and Rhodes gave me some advice, but I could not find much on what he answered.


Any help would be appreciated...