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08-19-2009, 11:34 AM
Hello, Ive been bulking for about 1 year with bad food starting from 185lb~ to 225lb~ im now 19yo - 6ft - 220lb~ and now i would like to lose the fat i gained through the progress, mostly on stomach and those semi-peck-semi-breast peck that everyone hates. I also hate cardio and cant stand it, I mostly train hard and lift big and i dont really stop between the reps so i feel exhausted after each session like i did cardio. Snyway back on topic. I just need some advise on what i should eat more and eat less. Im a bread lover, if i eat 1 slice i eat it all, I cutted it all. Started to love the eggs about 3-5 each a breakfast. cutted everything fat like soda/dessert( which i was abusing before ) and now started to drink things like V8 ( vegetable drink / i dont eat vegetable so 2-3 of these a day would be better ) started to drink alot of water and bananas when i feel like having a snack. What else could i eat when im hungry at night? Also i used to eat 2 meals ( never really liked breakfast ) a day with like 3 portion/serving. I now started to not skip breakfast and should i take less portion and eat more meals a day?

Im afraid of not eating enough to lose muscle or eat too much of "good things" that wont make any difference on the result.

Thanks in advance.

08-20-2009, 11:25 AM
1. eat veggies. I don't care if you hate them. V-8 is not an alternative.
2. you'll need cardio. weight training does not tap into fat for energy. cardio can.
3. eat clean, whole, unprocessed foods.
4. figure out your caloric needs, so you know how much to eat. right now you seem to just be going about everything blindly.

Vince DelMonte
08-20-2009, 09:40 PM
Okay, one thing that really stands out to me here is you said you don't rest between sets.

You should be lifting heavy in the gym - which would require longer rests. Don't always do short-rest sessions as if you start seeing the weight go down on the bar, this could mean muscle mass loss.

Losing fat is mostly about diet. Don't worry about cardio - if you hate it, it will mean you need to be more strict with the diet, but you don't NEED cardio to lose fat.

Do you know how many calories you are taking in? That's the starting point you use to work from. Also, I'd recommend 1.5 grams/lb protein each day.