View Full Version : New Powerlifting Magazine on the way!

08-24-2009, 11:24 PM
Just came across this a few minutes ago.

POWER Magazine is Coming!

Finally! A powerlifting magazine that gives you all the latest information on equipment, lifting gear, workouts, nutrition, lifting advice and more! POWER Magazine will take powerlifting to the next level and give a national audience to the lifters and coaches that are changing the face of the sport.

Sign up now to reserve your copy of the premiere issue of POWER Magazine and help launch powerlifting to a new era.

If you'd like to advertise in POWER Magazine, please email Andee Bell at powermagazine@ymail.com or call 530-661-7585.

08-24-2009, 11:33 PM
Yes that looks really good!
Have to check the price to Aus.

08-25-2009, 12:27 AM
I would like a copy. How can I reserve a copy?

Clifford Gillmore
08-25-2009, 12:43 AM

08-25-2009, 12:55 AM
Do they know how earlier they will ship out the premiere issue? I see its november/december but I imagine it would come sooner.

Ben Moore
08-25-2009, 08:34 AM
Already paid for my sub!

08-25-2009, 12:21 PM
I'm not sure about shipping, but I know they plan to release the magazine at WPF world's in November. I wrote the article on starting your own powerlifting gym, so everyone should read it, haha :)

08-25-2009, 07:32 PM
Got my sub.. Bit more to ship to Aus, but what the hell.

08-25-2009, 11:18 PM
MarcusWild do you know if these will only be available through subscription or will they be on news stands as well.