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08-26-2009, 02:05 PM
I found this article today, and it made me wander if doing cv can actually damage making gains, seems protein is burnt even before carbs : / I currently do 4 cv sessions at a moderate rate, i.e 'fat burning' cv, but am I actually just burning off all the protein im eating and not actually keeping the carbs down to loose weight? Bit confusing as it reads that you have to burn all the protein off (and make no muscle gains therefore), then carbs, then finally fat

"The first thing the body burns is protein, mainly because protein cannot be stored in the body. Proteins from alcohol are burned first followed by other proteins. These nutrients are dispersed in the bloodstream and any excess is channeled towards the excretory system to be removed from the body. Thus, you can rarely complain that your body has too much protein. Next, the body burns carbohydrates, both simple and complex, with glycogen being its main form. Glycogen is sugar stored mostly in the liver and controls blood sugar levels as well as providing most of the energy the body needs. Once glycogen has been used up, the body then burns up fat, breaking it down into smaller units to be absorbed in the blood stream. Muscle comes last. Thus, the answer to the question ‘does the body burn fat or muscle first’ is fat."

Joe Black
08-27-2009, 03:20 AM
I'll leave the technical stuff for someone... well, more technical.

But, I just think it's too easy to get all caught up in this detail. You can suggest a reason for ANY result. If we wanted to we could create a list of 100 reasons why cardio is good and 100 reasons why it is bad.

For me, the overall health benefits you get from having good cardiovascular capacity are all what matters to me. If you're trying to gain weight, stick to moderate stuff, if you are trying to lose it, go at it.