View Full Version : skinny subjunior newb, hoping to become a freak o' nature.

08-26-2009, 09:11 PM
i won't be hitting the gym for another week, but i've got my past journals and would like to get some input on my routine.

my goals are to hit a competition bench of 308( or a normal bench of 330), a squat of 410, and a deadlift of 410, and to hit them by christmas. i'm not sure if i can hit those, but i'm hopeful, and if i set myself more likely goals i wouldn't be pushing myself as hard; i'd like to absolutely destroy my competition at my first meet.

i'm thinking of continuing my summer routine for a month, and then switching to a westside routine for a month and seeing how they compare.

my old routine was an animal bb routine, changed around a bit to hopefully make it more suitable for powerlifters.

flat benchpress 6 sets, 5 reps.
incline benchpress 5.6
flat dumbbell flies 3.6
closegrip benchpress 5.6(closest to DE i got)
machine dumbell press 4.5

squats 6.5
machine leg press 5.5
leg extensions 5.5
leg curls 5.5
ab work, total of 12.12 of different situps and leglifts.


flat benchpress 6.5
incline benchpress 4.6
closegrip benchpress 4.6
front raises 4.8
side raises 4.8
military press 4.6

squats 2.12 and then 4.5
shoulderrolls 4.12
seated rows 5.8
seated calf-raises 4.12
goodmornings 4.5
stifflegged dead-lifts 4.6

Saturday and Sunday
sit in my butt sleeping and eating myself sick.