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Sean Hatley
08-29-2009, 08:38 PM
Competed in the Big Iron Summer bash today. At first i didnt think the meet was gonna happen cause i found out Tuesday the meet was canceled, but then Wednesday its was like "Ok meets back on". So i spent all day Wednesday telling everyone from our crew the meet was back on and trying to find out who gonna come up and lift and if anyone can come up and handle us. Well back to the meet. WEighed in at 239 fully clothed and shoes on (my weight hovers around 235) then tried to get close as i could to 245 for meet day.

Warms ups were a little scetchy, but was able to turn it around. Opened up with 670, destroyed it. The unrack felt a little weired like it wasnt high enough for the racks to get thrown. Also i didnt hear anyone saying back back back, so as i was thinking about just coming up i hear the up call. was scared cause its really hard to gauge your depth. Took 705 for my second attempt, flew up faster than my openerand the unrack was stronger. For my third attempt i decided on 735, thought about going maybe 745 but decided to make a smart jump. 735 came up fast, hit like a stall point halfway up, but just jumped right over that. Was very happy about that. Thats a 65lb meet PR for squat and a 30lb gym PR.

Well this was my first meet back coming from a stress fracture injury. I opened up with 473, very easy press. Took 507 for my second attempt. Miss Brought it down fast and easy on the groove, pressed it and got to about 3 maybe 4 board height and miss grooved it on the way up just swayed a little and it threw me off. Took 507 again for my third. Missed it again. I drove it straight up instead of back towards the rack. Tried to fight it and drive it back, but the lock out strength wasnt there. Oh well no big deal. I was happy to hit 473 after not benching for nine weeks and only having four training sessions in the shirt. There is still some pain in my arm so i think i might take 4 weeks off benching again just to ensure it heals fully.

Well after a big squat and arching up so much on bench my back was shot and really tight. Deadlifts went really fast cause i think there were only 9 people pulling Opened with 573. Pulled it easy but lock out felt a little hard. Decided to go for 600 on my second. Miss. Pulled it to about mid knee and just stalled. Well this sucks. Took 600 again for my third and missed it again. Only got it about to mid shin this time. My strength wasnt there in the deadlift today and just didnt feal right te last few weeks when pulling. Oh well. There is always a next time.

Totaled 1780 which is a 110lb PR for my total since my last full meet. It was a very fun meet. There were only 10 full meet lifters and 5 bench only. Meet wents faster than most meets i have been to. I felt bad for Will Noble and Kevin Rekowski cause they bombed on the bench. I hate to see people bomb out and i feel bad for them when they do. They looked plenty strong on the bench just were having trouble touching. They will hit some big benches in there next meet im sure.

Nate Gentges hit i beleive a 2265 total. dude was strong. He hit 909 on squat, made 705 on bench look like a warm up, and pulled i think 630 or so really easy. Pro total at 242 is 2200. nate will be hitting a 1,000 in the next year or so. That 909 was just a joke.

Mike Alexander also had a really good meet. He hit 780 on squat with relative ease. Only made his opener on bench cause on his second attempt his shirt blew out right down the middle. He totalled high 1800's

I would like to say thanks to Mike Alexander and Nate Gentges for coming up and lifting with me. Thanks to Carter and Jesse for calling depth and Jesse for wrapping knees really friggin tight. Both of them were just phenominal today. Would like to thank the rest of th SOS crew who could not make it up for helping me get stronger in all my lifts and helping me to become a better powerlifter. Couldnt ask for a better crew to train with andcompete and go to meets with. Also would like to thank Rick for holding the meet and the rest of the BIG lifters for helping us out if we needed it and giving us some pointers for out next attempts. I always enjoy doing the Big Iron meets they are always a bench of fun. Not planning on doing another meet till spring so during the fall and winter probably do a 8 weeks raw cycle and get my raw strength up. Then jump back into gear and get ready for a meet in the spring. All in all i ahd a fun time and made some new freinds and cant wait till the next meet i do.

Ben Moore
08-29-2009, 10:11 PM
Heard about your day Sean. Very nice work bud!

08-30-2009, 07:53 AM
Nice job... hope that arm heals up well for you.

Sean Hatley
08-30-2009, 09:28 AM
Thanks guys. Was hoping to do a little better on Bench and Deadlift, but oh well. This was like a good back yard practice meet. So now i kow what i need to work on. Finally i was able to get all 3 of my squats in. Only took 3 meets and 3 different suits lol. Hopefully around this time next year i will be knocking on 800's door. Hopefully when i get back into gear my arm wont be bothering me anymore.

Sean Hatley
08-30-2009, 03:42 PM
Well i just found out i didnt squat 735. It was only 710. Apparently the gal witting down attempts accidentally wrote down 322 instead of 332. So i squatted 710 for my third instead of 735. Oh well, these things happen sometimes and i cant change the past so there is no sense worrying about it. Just have to squat more next time lol.

08-30-2009, 06:59 PM
Nice meeting you on sat.......Your squats looked very strong......Keep up the great work!

chris mason
08-30-2009, 07:59 PM
Good job at the meet!

08-30-2009, 08:21 PM
Congrats on the PR total!