View Full Version : My regime - Please critique

09-05-2009, 06:32 PM
I do lifts based around the westside barbell lifting. My regime is generally:

Squats/Shoulders Heavy Day (x3 reps)

Rest day x 2

Chest/tris light day (x8 reps) + (shoulders or calves or biceps)

Back/Bicep day (x8 reps)

Rest Day

Chest/Tris heavy (x3 Reps)

Week 2
I then reverse it so that I do

Back/Bicep Heavy Day (x3 reps)

Chest/Tris Heavy Day (x3 reps) + (shoulders or calves or biceps)

Rest day x 2

Squats/Shoulders Heavy day (x3)

Rest day

Chest/Tris + + (shoulders or calves or biceps)


I try to have a big gap after squatting as my legs ache for a long time. The reason I try and train the smaller muscles like biceps twice a week as they have quicker recovery time. With this regime my bench press goes up a lot quicker than sqautting or deadlifting. Also on back days I sometimes do cleans.

However any suggestions to improve this regime would be appreciated.

Thank you.