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09-15-2009, 12:24 PM
This is me as of yesterday pre-workout. I tested with the electrical tester and it said 34.3%. I am 6' tall and about 303lbs. My measurements are all in my recent post in my journal as are more pictures! Thanks in advance, just lookin to get more input on the number I have.

09-15-2009, 12:32 PM
Once you get to a certain size, it's very difficult to estimate (visually) bodyfat. If you really want an accurate starting figure I'd suggest finding a local facility that performs BodyPod bodyfat measurements or a location that has a DEXA machine. If you truly want to monitor progress on what will amount to be a multi-year effort, this is the way to go.

09-15-2009, 12:34 PM
Thanks for the input, I just don't think I have the money to be monitored like that. So for now it will just be month to month with pictures and weight and measurements, including using the same electrical fat tester. Even if its not accurate its hopefully consistent.

09-15-2009, 12:52 PM
The bodypods at universities are generally cheap if not free if you're a student. DEXA, a bit more...

09-15-2009, 02:03 PM
I'm not a student but I'll look into how much it costs and go from there. But if there are any guesses I'd like to hear them. Like I said the electric tester said 34.3%

09-15-2009, 04:55 PM
To be honest I don't think it matters at this point. Your bf is high enough that using the scale as a measuring device should be more then enough. Best of luck with your goals. Once you lean up a but I'm sure some members will be able to provide a more accurate assessment.

09-15-2009, 05:09 PM
I looked at your pic before I read your post and 35% was the first number that came to my head. I agree with other posters though, at this point bf% and weight are irrelevant, you need to focus on cleaning up your diet and beginning to incorporate cardio into your daily lifestyle routine. Good luck.

09-15-2009, 05:14 PM
Thanks for the input guys. I have been working out steadily for the last month and have been keeping up on my journal for about a week now. I plan on keepin focused and your guys input helps out!

09-17-2009, 07:30 PM
That's very supportive.

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09-17-2009, 07:44 PM
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