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09-23-2009, 10:03 AM
Hey guys,

Last year after I quit my old job I was 200lbs, out of shape.

Worked out alot weights, cardio, etc. Now down to about 165.

I dont have a hard time losing weight, however now I want to gain weight. I would like to be about 185 lean, and not out of shape.

Should I be looking to eating specific foods? My diet is loaded with protein, and Im basically eating anything and everything. Alot of meats, PB, salads etc. Occasionly I'll have chips, a bar, a pizza etc.

What do you guys usuall eat when you bulk? Anyone eat everything they want and still get the results they wanted?

Thank you

09-23-2009, 10:39 AM
For me it's carbs. I try to avoid simple carbs, but I'll have some bread and fruit fairly often (no soda, candy, cakes, etc.). I try to let the bulk of my daily kcal overage be protein, but YMMV.

09-25-2009, 12:48 AM
Hi Everyone,

I am going to discuss 10 Smartest Diet Tips Ever.

1) Water to detoxify

You must drink a lot of water when you are hungry. Do not try to look for snacks and binge. A jug of water or fresh fruit juice is a wonderful way of dieting.

2) 5 meals a must

You can think of increasing your daily activities every single day in order to lose weight. You must increase your diet activities and enjoy yourself. You must concentrate on eating 5 meals at least that include fruits and vegetables.

3) Know your hunger pangs

You need to ask yourself if you are hungry and how hungry you are. You will ideally feel refreshed and energetic. In case you feel tired, then you know you have eaten too much.

4) Eat light at night

You must avoid eating when you are watching the television. You can either stay away from the kitchen or you could buy something that has very low calories.

5) Relish the favorite little by little

If your favorite food happens to be French fries then you will have the desire to eat it more. So, limit your intake of your favorite food that is more on the oily side. When you eat less, it is psychological and the desire to eat your favorite food will increase.

6) Light meals all through

You must eat lots of low calorie food in greater amounts all through the day. While you start the day with a heavy breakfast, end the day with a very minimal meal for dinner.

7) Proteins a must

Protein should be included in your food more. This will satisfy your hunger really fast and take your food with fat or carbohydrates. Protein can burn calories fast such as yogurt, cheese, beans, etc.

8) Spice it up

Spicy food is good for your heart. It helps you build your immune system and also burn calories. Make sure that the food you make is fast to cook and at the same time healthy.

9) Frozen Food

Make sure that the food you eat is healthy and fast to cook. Frozen food is also good to eat and healthy too.

10) Diet determination

One must be perseverent enough to work on the diet tips which is most vital to staying fit and healthy. Be determined and enjoy your workout.