View Full Version : Dec 5th meet please help.

bald bull
09-23-2009, 04:01 PM
I currently have a meet Dec 5th. I want to pull 660 raw. I am at 615 right know. I have no access to bands or chains at my gym for the pull. I do rack pulls, GM's and pull of 45lb plate stacks for assistance exercises. I do speed pull once a week and pull off the floor every other week with the off week doing accessory exercises mentioned above. I was curoius about what percent and reps you guys would use to get there since you all seem knowledgable about the sport and are very strong. Thanks for all your help in advance. Oh also for bench i want 470 Raw currently around 440-450ish i have acees to 2 and 3 boards and EFS monster minis and light bands. How would u set that schedule up too please? I do a DE day and ME day which is tom>