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10-14-2009, 11:15 AM
Ok so I have been doing some reading regarding insulin resistance, the effect of dietary fat and carbs. Is there a definitive answer or is this highly subjective depending on the individual? I like to eat about 33/33/33. Recent reading has suggested that high fat diets cause insulin resistance? What exactly does "high fat" mean, quantitatively speaking? I have also read that a diet higher in fat can naturally boost test production. What is ideal? I haven't seen this discussed so I thought maybe a thread is in order...

10-14-2009, 11:31 AM
With fats your going to get a 100 opinions. Here is mine, hope it makes sense.

The most common advice on these boards is .5g fat 1-1.5g protein per lb of BW and the rest of the cals to hit your goal for daily intake can come from anything but for the most part carbs would be optimal. Now this is pretty solid advice and for the most part will put you to a similar ratio that you are currently at. Lets say though your are in a significant caloric deficit and you are a 200lb male. That might leave you with anywhere from 75-150g of carbs a day. This is the perfect situation where you would drop fats in favor of higher carbs. Now the carb haters can argue all they want. Eating ~50% of your carbs around your workout will have you performing better in the gym and recovering quicker. Carbs are also protein sparing. This is all good but you need to pull those calories from somewhere else and fat is a great place. If this 200lb athlete were to go from 100/125/200 f/c/p diet to lets say 70/200/200 they should get stronger, look fuller, and have much more endurance/stamina from the extra CHO intake. As long as you are getting your EFA's I don't think there is any reason to go overboard with fats. In most situations you are better off eating higher carb. The human body is such a unique thing though, that for some people certain macro profiles just work better. As far as test levels and fat intake. I can tell you from personal experience on this prep that you got nothing to worry bout unless you <50g of fat/day or in single digits body fat or worse a combination of both *wave*.

Wow, pardon that ramble but I typed that on medicine.