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10-24-2009, 06:24 PM
I have been searching around on different sites/boards, and I have found some, but not very many good cycles. I decided that it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to have a thread where people post what exercises they are currently using in their cycles so that other people can reference them. I mean the ME exercises mostly, but also looking for ideas to change it up on DE days. So here is what people should post:

Your current cycle (4 week, 8 week, 12 week, whatever)
ME squat/DL exercises
ME bench exercises
Your weak point that you are working.
RE exercises
Any other info about your cycle

I have made a cycle and I constantly keep changing it. I'd like to see what some of you guys are doing. I don't just mean guys like Bell and Dizenzo. I would even like to see some cycles that more beginner type guys are doing as well.

Thanks guys. Hopefully this thread will help out people other than myself.

10-24-2009, 06:41 PM
I like this idea

ME Bench for next 4 weeks-weak point is on chest to 3-4" off chest
week 1) doubled minis followed by Wide grip bench for reps
week 2) 2board followed by pin presses off chest for reps
week 3) floor press followed by JM Presses for reps
week 4) RE Bench to deload sort of
week 5) max

ME Squat-im following matt rhode raw squat routine-weak point is in hole
each week my main movement is free squat w/ these Maxes in order 5,5,1,3,3,1
ill do a deadlift variation ea. week like sldl, sumos, or defecits for reps after squats

10-24-2009, 07:18 PM
This week is heavy everything... I hit a huge PR at Rob and Paul's bench seminar today and I'm squatting big tomorrow ( all straight weight)
I deload next week with lighter weights and higher reps. The following week I'll go medium ( opener range weights) in full gear and slightly heavier auxileries . Three weeks from now I'll go heavy again.... everything is raw warm-ups and full range, full gear lifting. After that I'll do a four week weight cycle to break in my new ( as soon as Rudy gets a free minute) Overkill briefs.....

10-24-2009, 11:31 PM
Here's what my bench cycle looked like when I was training raw. I adjusted my routine around Dizenzo's program and his program works well. I believe DE days and assistance are just as important as ME.

week 1 - bands/chains full ROM
week 2 - 2/3 board (weak point)
week 3 - full ROM to chest straight weight
week 4 - floor press w/chains
optional Week 5 - (if chains were not used on week 1 or 4, then I throw in week 5 with chains full ROM)

I follow ME lift by top half work involving either:
floor press
narrow/CG bench full ROM
narrow/CG with boards
(obviously floor press or 3-board would be done after full ROM pressing and CG is chosen on board/floor press days)

DE cycle involves mini or light bands full ROM. Speed work is a must. I train with a 6-8 set and 1-3 rep scheme @ 40-70%. The higher weight percentage, I drop the reps to 1-2 and maybe down to 6 sets depending on how I feel. I go by ear and feel. One example: just last week I felt like complete crap and did my speed work with 95lb on the bar and no bands.

10-27-2009, 09:53 AM
I don't really train "Westeside" but I do use some of there methods

Here's what I do

For Squats
WK 1- Squat(Briefs)
WK 2- Box Squat(Suit/strap down, Briefs)
WK 3- Reverse-Band Squat(Full gear)
Wk 4- Box Squat(Briefs)
WK 5- Squat(Full gear)
Wk 6- Reverse-Band Box Squat(suit/straps down, briefs)
Basically alternates squats with box squats from week to week and reverse-bands every 3rd week.
Weakness: core strength, out of the hole(hence all the box squats)

For Deadlifts
WK 1- Rack Pulls(Briefs)
WK 2- Deadlift(Full gear)
WK 3- Reverse-Band Deadlifts(Full gear or just briefs)
WK 4- Start over
Weakness: Lockout

For Bench
WK 1- Raw Bench(full range)
WK 2- Shirted Bench(Full range & 2/3 Board lockout work)
WK 3- Shirted Bench(Full Range & Reverse-Band Lockout work)
WK 4- Start over
Weakness: Mid-Range(around 2/3 board area)