View Full Version : mornin workout

11-01-2009, 09:38 PM
i know im proally goin to get alot of crap because its somewhere here but i havent found the answer to this but here it goes...my plan is to workout at 6in the morn right, and ive read that takin one scoop of RESULTS before and one during would be ok. my question is, is there anythin else that i should or yall recommend to take like at 530? i say ill workout from 6 and leave by 715 and go to work at 745 thats why im asking...id rather save my results for PWO with nitrean. i have nitrean and results and ets and creatine as my stack supps...help me out with the pre work and PWO before goin to work. im usually in a hurry thats why.