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11-03-2009, 04:41 PM
I'm after some advice guys. I wasn't sure whether to post this, because I think I know what I want to do, but I did to see what others would say.

I've been bulking for the last 10-12 weeks using SS (but only training twice a week). Currently I weigh 110kg (242lbs) and i'm around 20-21% bf. During my bulk I've put on about 8kg/17lbs and 3-4%bf. I've started to get a bit of a gut that I'm not so happy with but I understand that comes with a bulk. By calculations, of the 8kg i've gained I'd say <3kg of that was lbm.

I'm very happy with my strength gains using SS two days a week. My legs have gotten noticeably bigger but I'm not sure about the rest of me. As of last week I've begun SS three days a week so I'm hoping the rest will catch up.

My dilemma is, summer is coming etc and i want to be able to get my kit off without feeling self conscious, but so far I'm not happy with my bulk.

Given my situation, with 6 weeks until christmas (beach time) what would most of you do and why?

edit: i should probably mention that my long(er) term goal is 110kg/240 @ <15%