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04-27-2002, 04:38 PM
Right I`ve been wanting to bulk for about a year now lol..but have listened to all the ghost stories and have never actuall gone and done it as I was scared to lose the definition I have at the moment..now I`ve never dared ask for help incase I got flamed and told to use the search option which i never seem to have any success with?? dont know why? I`m currently 170lb, 5ft 8 and about 12-13% bodyfat ...and probably have never moved from these stats for the past 2 yrs why? because I know I`m not eating enough and yes I was scared to eat too much incase i got fat...but now FU*? IT I`m going to go for it with a little help from you guys...I`m not going to start yet as I`m currently injured bit i guess it`ll give me more time to plan.

My current ( crappy ) diet.

brekkie 5.30am

3 weetabix w/semi skimmed milk, whey shake ( if lucky ) see i tend to get up late and rush to work.

snack 9 am

usually a bacon and egg mcmuffin ( cringe )

dinner 12

pasta with 1 tin of tuna and cheese w/ salad cream

tea around 3pm

2 x cheeseburgers , lg fries, srt milkshake ( aaaargh )

meal 5

rice and chicken


2 x toast w/peanut butter and whey shake.

My diet didnt used to be that bad, its slipping every day due to this injury and the lack of enthusiasm for training.

whats the best ratio for bulking I`m guessing something like 60/20/20 ?????

I`ll post a pic so u all can see what bad shape I`m in

04-27-2002, 04:43 PM
me flexing.

04-27-2002, 04:57 PM
Right heres the new plan, this I would like tweaked so any advice ?


bowl porridge, 2 x toast w/peanut butter, whey shake w/milk.

meal 2

2 x jacket potatoes w/ tuna and salad cream.

meal 3

mrp p = 40g c = 20g f = 3g and 2 bananas.

meal 4

pasta and tuna w/ salad cream

meal 5

brown rice and chicken w/ salad cream. ( any suggestions other than bloody salad cream ) ?


2 x toast w/peanut butter and whey shake w/milk and salad cream ( joke ).

When i do start training again the post w/out shake will be a mrp w/ about 30g extra dextrose and creatine.

I`ts not radically different from what i eat now..infact thats about 60/30/10 isn`t it ? There still doesnt seem to be enough carbs there or is there ?

Glutamine in p/wo shake, flax on mornings, multi vit and min, glucosamine.

Ok I`ll try and work out all the macros but until then would this be classed as a bulking diet for someone my weight ?