View Full Version : Another DL/Squat Suit ?

11-06-2009, 07:31 AM
Last night I got a wild hair at home and decided to wear my squat and DL suits. I have Inzer's Champion squat and a Max DL. I realize the Champion suit is not a high powered suit, but I getting to relearn the squat and the gear. Two questions;

1.) I have lost over 130 lbs, which is partially why I am in powerlifting it's something to keep me in the gym. I have a lot of extra skin and empty fat cells; when I put on either suit I look like a giant mushroom. All my extra skin gets pushed up to the top. Is there anything that I can wear under either suit that will help prevent the mushroom look?

2.) The DL suit really hurts and I feel I am out of my groove when in the suit. I have trouble getting down to the bar and during the lift; I feel like the bar and my shoulders are out in front. I could bearly get up my raw max as my shoulders and bar was way out in front of me. Any suggestions on the subject and how to use either suits?