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11-11-2009, 07:42 PM
how long did it take you guys to hit the 1000lb total after you started lifting?

11-11-2009, 07:53 PM
a little over a year for me. I really pushed for it too, and since I knew my bench wouldn't be a big help I went balls to the wall with deadlifts as often as possible. I'm at year 2 now, and I'm just starting to fall in love with squats.

11-11-2009, 09:18 PM
Do you mean 1000lbs for all three lifts in singles/1rm?

11-11-2009, 09:21 PM
yes...he said 1000 lbs total and its in the powerlifting section. context clues for the win.

11-11-2009, 09:23 PM
About 1.5 years.

11-11-2009, 09:43 PM
A little over a year.

11-11-2009, 10:01 PM
I think it took me about a year.

11-12-2009, 05:59 AM
Went from 785 starting total to just shy ov 1200lbs in 8 1/2 months. 1000 woulda been somewhere in between obviously, my progress was fairly linear back then. Those were the days...

11-12-2009, 07:08 AM
About a year after I started focusing solely on getting stronger.

getting there
11-12-2009, 07:42 AM
I can't really say for sure since I had never even heard of powerlifting until I was a Junior in high school and by then I had been lifting for almost 4 years. I think though that I did not total 1000lbs until I was in college and really started to focus on the 3 lifts and started to train properly.

11-12-2009, 08:11 AM
We just had a guy start with us 3 months ago. Just hit 1000 at the APA meet.

mr handy
11-12-2009, 08:18 AM
I'll let you know when I get there. Currently sitting on 750, but I have not tested max in a few weeks and my numbers are climbing every week. I can't test deads untill I get more weight... (that both makes me happy and sad)

11-12-2009, 08:21 AM
I hit the 1000lb club way before I was into powerlifting. I just lifted for size back then and strength was a byproduct. I'm going to say I got it when I was 20, so after about 8 months of serious training. I suppose if you want to count my high school days before I knew what I was doing, it would have taken me 4 years, lol..

bald bull
11-12-2009, 02:29 PM
about a year i was 16yrs old.

11-12-2009, 03:46 PM
damn ive been lifting for a year and im only at 750ish right now. Ill just keep hacking away at it.

11-12-2009, 04:03 PM
I started lifting at 17...... just wanting to look better...... I did my first contest ( Raw) when I was 20 or 21 and totaled 1315 weighing around 249 the day of the contest at 6'5"..... I did it just to lift against my friends and didn't really get in to powerlifting until after that contest.......

11-12-2009, 04:08 PM
I hit it before I was into training pl style several years back. Since I never used to deadlift, once I started it probably took a year to a year and a half.

11-12-2009, 11:57 PM
damn ive been lifting for a year and im only at 750ish right now. Ill just keep hacking away at it.

It may depend where you started :) I bet a year ago I would've been around 500, today I should be nudging up to 900. It's not 1k, but good progress nonetheless. Knowing wtf I was doing in the gym made a big difference. I bet 250 or more of that gain has been in the last 4 months!

11-13-2009, 12:00 AM
damn ive been lifting for a year and im only at 750ish right now. Ill just keep hacking away at it.

How old are you? Your pretty young still arent you? Just keep plugging away and eating and you'll get there.

I think it took me about 2 years. I started when I was 15, and hit it middle of 17-18

11-13-2009, 12:20 AM
He said ONCE YOU STARTED LIFTING. I seriously doubt every single person in here only took a year. Maybe a year after you started POWERLIFTING....

11-13-2009, 04:39 AM
damn ive been lifting for a year and im only at 750ish right now. Ill just keep hacking away at it.

dont beat yourself up it took me nearly 3 years. i was a very skinny teen and didnt have guidance like you find here.

11-16-2009, 07:52 AM
Took me about 3 months. Started training in April and entered my first meet in July this year made 1080ish total. I competed in the 242 class though so I have a bit of a size advantage.

11-16-2009, 01:41 PM
Yeah size is a huge factor in this one! Being 5'10" and 250lbs I am in the 900's now and could prob get to 1000 in a couple weeks if I didn't stay on my SS protocol! I always deadlift after squat and squat 3 times a week! And even if I do a heavy single it is after the work sets are done. If I took a different approach and tried to just maximize some singles I prob could! I did my first ever squat and deadlift on 9/08/09. Although I had done some pressing for a couple months before. I think it would be tougher for someone who is 6' and 175lbs to get to 1000lbs quickly!
I had already planned on taking one day of the last week of the year to test my maxes! That will give me a base to set some goals for the next year! I will make a 1000lbs before the new year!

11-27-2009, 04:56 AM
2 years of training... for me it was 10th grade! I had a 600 lb deadlift, 200 lb bench, and a 200 lb squat! haha

11-27-2009, 05:41 AM
About 5 months after I started doing deads and squats.

If you went from when I started lifting then probably 3 1/2 years then roughly!

11-27-2009, 10:25 AM
When I was 18 I went to the gym to do cardio (I was a competitive mountain biker hahah) I weighed around 175-180lbs, never had touched a weight.

I met a powerlifter and after about 2 weeks my total was over 1000lbs raw (mind you, i used a box squat not a free squat). I think I had the strength before hand it was just a matter of learning the lifts.

Then for the next year or so I hardly got any stronger because I didn't know how to train at all.

11-28-2009, 12:47 AM
I went 1440 in my 1st meet back in 1986. I only went 4 / 9. But I'd been training for football and bodybuilding for 16 years by then. Could have probably done it by my freshman or sophmore year in High School if I'd competed then. It took until 2005 for me to crack 2000! I started training at age 14 and was already stronger than most of our varsity football team...especially lower body. I did 600 Lbs. for 10 easy reps the 1st time I ever got under one of those old vertical legs presses. I remember only benching 125 that 1st day! By age 16 I was benching 350. So, best guess would be by 15 and a year of training. Still just a guess though.