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11-14-2009, 11:06 PM
Ok so I have to admit after my 1st meet last weekend I am totally hooked so i was looking for a meet to do around my birthday (Jan 19) and I found a Push Pull meet that is not sanctioned. They allow the use of wraps and strap I love to DL so I was thinking of giving it a try just for fun. I just pulled 551lbs RAW just a belt but think if I get use to using wrist straps I could pull more. I just dont want it to have a negative effect on my RAW pulling for real meets. I was wondering would you guys think it would be a good idea to train for a little while with straps and just try to pull a really big number or stay true to my style and go and try to kick ass with just some chalk and a belt.

Meet Info
Meet: Push Pull for CASH
Federation: N/S
Date: January 16 2010
End Date: January 16 2010
Type of Meet: PP
Location: Alpin Haus Fitness
City: Amsterdam
State/Province: NY
Country: United States
Promoter: Rob Hosner
Phone: 518-842-8383
Email: alpinhausfitness@gmail.com
Entry Form: Online Form
Comments: $30 entry fee if in by Dec. 16th $10 late entry fee All gear allowed $5 addmission kids under 12 FREE

Video of there last meet