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11-15-2009, 09:08 AM
Well yesterday at 6a.m. i decided to do this meet prep for meet 1hr 30mins the ride there lol.I planned on going to help out but decided to lift the meet was to raise money for the families of the vicitims of those killed in the ft. hood shooting the choice wasnt the best for my powerlifting career but on a personal level a great choice those are the people who risk their lives for our freedom so we can continue to do what we do i was invited by srgt. first class who i meet at nationals last year in york pa. The meet was held in lancaster pa the equipment was old but it was a fun meet squated out of a rack and i was to short to unrack it so spotters helped lift it off for me that was interesting anyway i wieghed in at 206 fully clothed wallet keys and cell in pocket and eating egg mcmuffin walking in did 220 raw belt and wraps 2 ipa officials judging just hit some easy openers then helped other guys.
squated 560
benched 375
deadlifted 535
total 1470